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  1. My main points of contact are Discord, Steam and Telegram. Discord is Coaldust#4561 Telegram is @Coaldust Steam is currently [MLP] Anise wants Doom Eternal. Should show my changeling OC as a display pic
  2. Kerfuffle was best part of that special, with her double FFFFFFFF for the Fuff :3
  3. Yay Thorax love! I actually RP as him on Twitter along with a bunch of other ponies. Cute colourful changeybug!
  4. Yep! DOS Doom with a CRT was my first ever computer game Heck, I forgot my 5th in the top list Ecco the Dolphin - The Tides of Time
  5. I have a top 4 but cannot decide which is top, so they all jockey for first place. Command & Conquer (original) Doom (original) Final Fantasy VII Undertale
  6. Hello all! I am Coaldust aka Anise the changeling, and it's about darn time I joined a forum and talked pony with people! I've been a fan since pretty much the beginning, and have been roleplaying and discussing ponies pretty much that whole time. I'm hoping to start a Youtube channel soon, I have a husband who's also into MLP, I'm a trans woman and my favourite seasons are 5-9 (I can't pick just one). /) Brohoof for you all!
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