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    Ireland. Also owns a holiday home in Ponyville.
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    No matter what happens, your friends will always be there until the end. Because Friendship Is Magic.
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    MLP:FiM, Queen, The Beatles, Westlife, theme parks.

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    Sugarcube Corner

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

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    Mane Six (All of them) ❤️
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    Princess Luna
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    The Six of them, forever and always!
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    Apple Bloom
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    You must be kidding.
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    Smile Song/Flawless/Pinkie's Lament/Find A Way/Hearts As Strong As Horses/Ballad Of The Crystal Ponies/I’ll Fly/Best Friends Until The End Of Time/We Got This Together/It’s a Pony Kind of Christmas/Let The Rainbow Remind You
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  1. I'm liking the new layout on the home page. :darling: Nice to see us all going ahead and looking at the future. :mlp_ooh: Just promise one thing though, that we'll never forget about these six ponies right here. :wub:

    Goodnight everypony! :adorkable: See you all in the morning! :mlp_icwudt:


    1. Midnight Danny

      Midnight Danny

      We will never forget, especially me. :wub:

      Goodnight! :adorkable:

    2. AppleButt


      Ill never forget em :wub:


      Goodnight buddy :eager:

    3. ExplosionMare



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