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    i like britain
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    Music, i will add more music but than it would call trolling so story reading, and random low quality things like NutFleix

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    twilight "friendship" sprkle
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    A rarity
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    let me rewatch the series
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    Best song?
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  1. what is a feed?

    1. Randimaxis


      Well, when a Pony Fan and a Pony Website love each other very much, the Pony Fan posts things on their statuseseses... the little box, like the one you wrote your question in?  Then, that little boxful of wordy-words is seen by others who follow you, or is just posted as a most recent post on the main page.

      That is what is referred to as a 'feed', as you're feeding information to others.

      ... and just in case you want to try it, no - they don't actually count as food, so don't eat them.

    2. TheLatePony


      well that nice. thx

    3. Randimaxis


      One is glad to be of service.  *bows*

  2. TheLatePony

    Mega Thread Count to a million

    503,376 :Cute_pony:
  3. Hi, I have many names because I don't know how to make good names so I change it all the time, for now I call myself NotSoBadLyrics... I'm here because I like music, this fandom and Love the combination of both of them! Just recently I discovered Poniverse, which I must say is full of wonders🎵! Oh yeah, almost forget to tell what in doing here. I trying to do music by singing, playing the piano, editing and etc. It not always succeeded....
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