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  1. For certain obvious reasons, I've been reminded of something. Life is short, so cherish your friends and loved ones while you can.


    Thank you for being a friend. If we should ever part ways, I want to remember the following facts: I appreciate you deeply, and you matter a great deal. My life is forever changed for the better just by knowing you. :BrightMacContent:

  2. Hey! Sorry I haven’t been around much, a lot going on. It’s just a joke on myself, I don’t really take it seriously haha
  3. Hello, how are you today? 

  4. WoooooOooooo spooky Nightmare Pinkie Pie
  5. It’s my current hobby haha not really doing anything else atm, I’m also told I generally work fast
  6. Scary Nightmare Fluttershy is coming your way
  7. Hahahha color is quite difficult, I’m no where near mastering it but I get by
  8. Here’s Nightmare Rainbowdash!
  9. Hai! :3

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    2. Beauregard


      How are you?

    3. Mediocre Mare

      Mediocre Mare

      I’m good! Just relaxing, trying to get some stuff done over my weekend :fluttershy:

    4. Beauregard


      Okay. Well, when you have time, I posted in your Request Shop :3

  10. This was posted in the request thread, but I was really happy with it! ill be doing all of the mane 6 Nightmare Applejack was next!
  11. *Follows because you're AWESOME!* B)

    1. Mediocre Mare

      Mediocre Mare

      That’s so sweet! Thank you! :coco:

    2. Sparklefan1234


      You're Welcome, New Friend! :D 

  12. I have a request board already, but this looks like a nice place to dump other work that I’ve done as well as some requests here I was really happy with enjoy everypony! (attached is one from my Instagram)
  13. The forum banner you made is amazing! :mlp_grin:

    1. Mediocre Mare

      Mediocre Mare

      Thank you so much! :squee:

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