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  1. I like fish and a lot of veggies
  2. After reading the book Journey of Souls, I've changed my opinion about that
  3. I love any types of book But I'd like to increase my collection of paper books. Reading them creates a special atmosphere and mood. I believe that libraries and paper books will never lose their relevance and e-books cannot replace them. I recently wrote a paper on the relevance of paper books in the 21st century. https://www.topwritersreview.com/reviews/ultius/ Here's a review of the service that helped me write it. I became even more convinced of the relevance of paper books and that many people want to have physical copies of their favorite books.
  4. Yes, sometimes they differ depending on who is translating and may differ significantly from the original and among themselves. In such cases, incorrect translation can be a common occurrence. But at the same time, the meaning will remain clear and inaccuracies not critical. But when I need to get an accurate translation, then I look for an option on this source https://isaccurate.com/healthcare-translation-services And I can count to get an accurate translation. Especially in cases where I cannot cope on my own and Google translator can't help.
  5. LeighHoward

    Technology Sites using CAPTCHA?

    I used to Yandex translator all the time, but because of the old-style captcha, it was terribly inconvenient. I had to switch to Google translator. It works quite well for regular transfers. If I need to get an accurate translation, then I choose one of the options here https://pickwriters.com/technical-translation-services Especially if I need a technical translation. Lots of terms that Google may not translate correctly.
  6. I love self-development books! I'm currently reading "The monk who sold his Ferrari". Just wonderful reading, it feels a special power. I think this kind of literature has a positive effect on our personal growth. I recently wrote a work on the topic of personal growth and paper writing service helped me with this. It's very pleasing that this topic is of interest to many in our time and more and more people to straighten themselves to spiritual wealth.
  7. I also thought about creating a similar channel, but so far these are plans and thoughts. And most of the content needs to be finalized.I love guitars and everything connected with it. I have a lot of ideas that I hope to come true in the future. It's great that in our time many talented people are interested in playing the guitar and this link might be helpful for them. Reviews and ratings always help me in making important decisions and choosing the things that I need. I'm very pleased with such YouTube channels, like yours, which are not only useful but also inspiring. The main thing i
  8. Lol, I have the same story:) I enter my name and get a new translation every time, I think it cannot be an exact translation. To get an accurate translation, it's better not to use such service and check it out on more proven professional sources. Then you can be sure of the reliability and accuracy of the information.
  9. Blue blue blue, love this colour
  10. And what about TikTok?? What do you think about it?
  11. I would like to learn Korean and Spanish
  12. I think in such places the chances of meeting a serious relationship are minimal. It’s more for fun and for spending time with someone. Therefore, I have already stopped using it with the goals of finding a serious relationship, I think this is a waste of time, usually, conversations don't lead anywhere and just online friends remain. But sometimes I want to have fun with beautiful girls. HookupMasters great for this. I'm very shy, so online is easier for me to find someone for these purposes. Among the many options, I can always choose what you really want.
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