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  1. Hello, everypony! I´m new here, so if this post is wrong posted please tell me where to put it. Well, I´m continuing a crossover written by B_25, where MLP and JoJo universes colide. The situation is these, DIO Brando meets Spike and joins to the dark side. To my point of view, Spike can be the ultimate villain, my points are these: 1. Is close to the Mane 6 and Princesses (keep your friends close and your enemies even closer). 2. To be a baby dragon is more mature and kinda intelligent. 3. If he gains a Stand, he´ll surpass the power of a unicorn or alicorn (depends of the Stand ability) 4. Have the aid of DIO and other ponys or races becoming a charismatic entity just like DIO. 5. Just for be a dragon he a a longlive. So, time is not an obstacle. I can be more specific but I don´t want to give a mayor spoiler. Are you agree with this? I´m looking forward your answers. The original fanfic made by B_25 is in Fimfiction, i´m continuing it in in Spanish (my native lenguage).