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  1. *giggles and boops back*
  2. Silk From The Stars

    Mega Thread Rate the Avatar of the User Above You!

    10/10 -- elegant taste, also matched the badge/title underneath it ^~^
  3. Silk From The Stars

    Hug a user!

    Awww you two are so cute! ;~; *gives a big warm hug to her friend* @Axel
  4. Good morning! And don't forget! :-D

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    2. Rikifive


      Good morning! I hope you'll have a nice day! c:

    3. Dynamo Pad

      Dynamo Pad

      Good evening, Starry!! *tackle hugs* Will do on the one thing that will make me proud today! ^-^

    4. ZiggWheelsManning


      Hope there was a Star Wars game you had fun withB):fluttershy:  

  5. Silk From The Stars

    Mega Thread What are you thinking?

    I am thinking about what to garden after the threat of frost ;~;
  6. oh my gosh
    oh my gosh
    oh my gosh!!!

    Meeting in MANEHATTAN!!!!! 
    Maybe we can visit Starry's potion shop while we're there :rarity:

    1. Dynamo Pad

      Dynamo Pad

      @Silk From The Stars

      I can't wait to meet up in Manehattan!! I would love to meet up at Starry's potion shop while we're there. :D 

    2. Silk From The Stars

      Silk From The Stars

      *gives you a potion of boosted confidence for your game day after tomorrow, it is green and sparkly with golden hues*

    3. Dynamo Pad

      Dynamo Pad

      @Silk From The Stars

      *I receive the green special potion with a golden sparkly hue, before being told of the effects* Aww. Thank you so much for the potion, Starry. I really do appreciate this as it really means a lot to me. *smiles softly, before taking the entire potion without hesitation. As I take a deep breath, I suddenly feel a bit more confidence within myself.*

  7. Silk From The Stars


    Hello there! Feel free to stop by for a potion! And welcome! Fluttershy is totally adorbs, so, can't blame her for being a fave!
  8. I would choose a Pegasus simply because you can sleep in the clouds and be comfy or explore the hidden castles in the skies!
  9. *giggles* My friend Khalil made this and I wanted to save it for memories. So cute nwnthing2.thumb.png.0374bc97871b4e7cbff54810d843fa2e.png

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    2. Astral Soul

      Astral Soul

      Hello there :3

      Havent seen you in a while :D I hope you're okay! Adorable picture. Great work. 

    3. Silk From The Stars

      Silk From The Stars

      *hugs Astral Soul* 
      I've been shyly hiding ;~;
      But now that I have some time I'm back.

    4. Astral Soul

      Astral Soul

      hugs @Star Silk back

      I'm glad :3

      Welcome back :>


  10. Awwww nu 4ever alone day. You can has some of my chocolates owo Also! I'm actually having some tea right now with an interesting blend combined with some valerian root, chamomile and a hint of lavender to see if it will make be fall sleep, like it says So if I don't respond... it may have worked!
  11. Woohooo Happy Hearts and Hooves day ;~; Thanks to everyone who thought about me on this day, you guys are so great! @TheRockARoosterYou're an awesome friend! @Astral Soul You rock! Keep winning! @Dynamo Pad Keep being awesome! @Scarlet Radiance Woohoo! Have some choccies! @Sir Hugoholic Derps deserve chocolates, too! @Axel Where would I be without my gym motivator! @Emerald Heart Choccies! ;~; Also, we gotta get back in touch. So much going on. I keep losing touch! @biergarten13 Chocolates for you and your lovely special Somepony! @Partialgeek514 Magic, potions and ..
  12. Pardon the hasty art done just last moment to have something to post here XD 


    oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh, guys! 2021 is over!

    I just wanted to commemorate the lovely friends of that year and all of the laughter and fun that was shared that time.

    Chance "Your the pony with the croissant on your forehead, right?" 
    Starry: "Don't you mean crescent moon? Most people describe it that way."
    Chance: "No...?"
    Grey: "Its the pi sign, everybody knows that."


    "Shoot the zombies, Starry, hurry!"
    "I can't shoot them, they're covered in armor!"
    ".. Yes but not on their butt!" 
    -MiraliChan XD 

    "Sorry for tricking you, Cannon, but it's not beer, it's just applejuice.."
    "Hmmm... are you sure this is applejuice? *disappointedly*"
    - Axel


    "I'm super competitive!"
    "Are you sure, Starry?"
    "Totally. So long as you don't cheat in a game, I shall win!"
    "Hey, I would never cheat on you..."
    (awkward exchange of glances as that's not what she meant)
    - Dynamo Pad 

    Starry: "Are you always so happy, Collapse?"
    Collapse: "Of course I am. Life is too short not to be happy!" 

    Magnolia: "I've gone so far and done so much that I've never bowed before anyone. I never will, anyway. This world is mine, because I'm the only one who experiences it like I do."

    "What are you doing, Starry?"
    "I'm having to cast this by the moon?"
    "The... moon?"
    "Yes, moon..."
    "Moon moon?"
    *confused blink*
    - Wolfie

    "Cheers to the Silk Sisters!"

    "She'll charm you with her potions! It's best you avoid her at all costs."

    "My hoooves are so dirty! oh myy gawwshhhh, mawwm"
    Starry blinks once in confusion. 
    - Emerald Heart

    "Look what I can do with my chest!" *knocks down some cans*
    - Roger 

    "What is this ant doing on my picnic blanket!"
    "It's wondering what is this blanket doing on my grass!"
    - Gem blade

    There were sooooo many other moments I can't remember right now but I'm gonna make sure to make art any time something like that happened <3 <3 <3


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    2. TomDaBombMLP


      Happy New Year, my awesome friend! :pinkiecutehat:

    3. Lunaholic


      Happy New Year, Star Silk!!! :D

    4. ZiggWheelsManning


      I, ZiggWheelsManning, happily raise my hoof:yay: and yay to 


      defeating Darth Malgus in a Star Wars game 

      on a heavy and perfectly snowing morning:mlp_yeehaa:  

  13. Silk From The Stars

    User Appreciation

    No take backs or substitutions? Hmmm... Well, I don't see any ... UNO REVERSE bans! So...
  14. Happy Heart's warming! *boops back happily*
  15. *Random giggles*


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    2. Rikifive


      ...if you're American. :mlp_icwudt: We have more of these and if I'm not mistaking, the next one will be 22/11/22( 22nd November 2022). Checkmate, Americans! :muffins:

    3. Silk From The Stars

      Silk From The Stars

      @Rikifive --- oooooh! Loophole! You're a savvy one. I feel better now. I want more of these! :yay:
      Merry Christmas, btw!! x3

    4. Rikifive



      Thank you, Merry Christmas!! I hope you're having a great one! e-glimlove.png.61d49f640b098e894f62157567582a55.png

  16. Silk From The Stars

    events A Merry Hearth Warming week!

    This is a brilliant idea. Hype the spirit up! nwn
  17. Silk From The Stars

    events A Merry Hearth Warming week!

    My initial plans were cancelled which was very saddening, but luckily I have some friends I can spend It with this year despite it being last moment plans.
  18. *pounces on and hugs*

    Hope your work day was okay ;~;

    1. Dynamo Pad

      Dynamo Pad

      @Star Silk

      *chuckles as I get pounced on, before hugging you back*

      Work was not too bad today. A bit slow at times, but I managed to get through the work day!! ^-^ How about you? I hope your day was awesome, Starry. c:


  19. The world can be so scary out there...
    Here, take this

    1. Dynamo Pad

      Dynamo Pad

      @Star Silk

      *Notices the tiny Starry, before blushing with a soft smile at the tiny version of the pink pegasus*

      Aww, Starry! Thank you so, so, so very much for the amazing gift! The world can definitely be a scary place out there. So, I'll definitely take tiny Starry with me. I have no doubt that she'll keep me safe, warm and that she'll give me the support to never give up. Just like I know of a special somepony who does all of that now. *grins as I place the tiny Starry in my jacket pocket, before pulling the giant Starry into a hug*

    2. Silk From The Stars

      Silk From The Stars

      So many warm, fuzzy hugs and assurance that everything will be okay. :rarity:
      Thanks for being there for me, too. You're the best! *hugs*

    3. Dynamo Pad

      Dynamo Pad

      @Star Silk

      Thank you for all the warm, fuzzy hugs and the reassurance that everything will be okay, Starry. It really means a lot to me. The same can be said that even if we're far apart, I'm always here for you and I'll always be with you. Along with all the warm, fuzzy hugs and the same reassurance that everything will be okay. :coco:

      You're welcome and I can say the same to you. Thank you so much for always being there for me. Also, aww, thank you, but I'm not the best. If anyone is the best, then it's definitely you *hugs* c:

  20. *dances happily in place as she is booped and then boops you back*
  21. All kinds! I got to tea rooms a lot. So a lot of them tend to have special names for their brews like The Secret Garden, etc. But in a generalized setting, I like Early Grey - I love the floral scent. English breakfast, etc. I've had apricot, and it's so sweet. Strawberry flavored ones, even. You like green tea? Have you ever had any matcha? I've made some with fresh lavender buds strained into them... Mmmmm
  22. I love tea, actually.. Heck yeah! Remember to hydrate c:
  23. Silk From The Stars

    Mega Thread Count to a million

    507.279 Top o' the mornin' to yeh!
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