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  1. Thanks so much!
  2. Has anyone else played the generation 3/3.5 flash games? You can find them here (this DeviantArt account is not mine). The games uploaded are official and owned by Hasbro. Unfortunately, a couple of them don't work. I used to play Butterfly Island Adventure Game online here before you couldn't play flash games online anymore. Now it doesn't work Probably my favorite G3 game If anyone knows how to get this working that would be awesome. You have to press Ctrl+L to get past the loading screen. Or this game. It's stuck on this screen even when I press Ctrl+L. Did anyone here p
  3. - I became a brony in May - I also like the Cake twins - I like alicorn Twilight and her castle
  4. Just updated my site using some of 138185803_lms-pretty-pony(5).png.59d8ffeefec4bb8d45129f0ed22edd4c.png from https://www.fontspace.com/lms-pretty-pony-ding-font-f7768. It doesn't look the best because you can't upload custom fonts into Google Sites, so you have to use an image, and images are very finicky in GS. 

    Visit it here! https://sites.google.com/view/thenewbronys-site/home

    1. TomDaBombMLP


      I didn’t know you had a site! :kindness: Really cool! :ph3ar:

  5. It was a pretty bad year, that's for sure... staying home almost all the time apart from exercising was pretty boring sometimes, but it's better than putting people's lives at risk. All of my family's shopping went online, and packages were at the door basically every day! At least we got a 4-day vacation in a cabin, and, because I was bored, I found MLP and now a lot happier!
  6. TheNewBrony

    G3 Fan Club

    I also love Sparkleworks! I made a Pony.town character of her!
  7. My mom just gave me a really cute MLP throw blanket as an early Christmas present!
  8. More characters! Rainbow Dash (g3 version) Firefly (g1) You can see Firefly's cutie mark here. Twilight (g1 verison)
  9. I am currently making g1-g3.5 characters on pony.town. I model them after a picture of the pony or, in Sweetsong's case, my plushie. I am very new to pony.town characters and I only joined today, so I apologize if they look bad. I will update this once I have made more classic characters. If you have any, post them here! Sweetsong (g3) Sparkleworks (g3) Minty (modeled after g3 Minty) And yes, I know that in A Very Minty Christmas Minty only wears 2 and sometimes 1 sock, but pony.town doesn't have an option for that.
  10. I decided to check out pony.town today! It was very fun! I mostly just decorated my island and house. 

    Here's my character: 


    Also, I saw this: 


  11. A Basic Fun g3 Applejack, an Amazon exclusive mane 6 pony mini figure pack, a small Rarity plushie, and a Pinkie Pie seapony plush. I also recently got a g3 Sweetsong jumbo plush.
  12. Yeah, I told my parents recently so I could get stuffed animals and toys. It worked! I showed them some episodes. My dad doesn't care for it but he doesn't mind me liking the show. My mom thought it was okay at first, but she's really enjoying it now and we're watching in order together.
  13. TheNewBrony

    G3 Fan Club

    Oops, I forgot to take the pictures! Here they are (sorry for the bad quality, my computer's camera sucks)! The toy g3 MLP logo on hoof Mandolin cutie mark
  14. Don't be such a bragger! Give other people a chance! I love reading.
  15. I would probably say something like this: "Where am I?" *Looks down at hands* "What am I? What is this strange place? Aah so many questions!" *Sadness starts sinking in* "I miss Equestria. I want to see my family and friends. I WANT TO GO HOME!" I would probably get used to it after a while, although I would still be sad.
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