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  1. Hi cutie!

  2. Hey welcome to the forums comrade, how are you?

    1. Slyther


      Hi! How are you? I’m glad to make a new friend! :pinkie:

    2. Koncova


      I’m pretty good I’m just chilling I love your profile picture, and with that said who’s your favourite character 

  3. Hey Slyther! You enjoying the forums so far?

    1. Slyther


      Yeah it’s awesome here :pinkie:

  4. Hi! Could you recommend a Cutie Mark for someone that works as a computer engineer? Cause I’m doing an oc for my father and that’s what he is. Oh and I’m also doing one for my mother. She’s a dog clothes stylist. Thanks in advance.
  5. People think other people are weird because they are insecure
  6. You do that as well? I thought I was the only one!
  7. Me too but mine’s an iPad.
  8. Hi everypony! How are you? Is everypony safe and happy? Hope so. What about sharing a story? Has something really cool or really embarrassing happen to you? Do you feel like you need to share it? Stay safe and happy, Slyther P.S.: Maybe, and just maybe, if you share a story I’ll share one too!
  9. Hi there I’m Slyther! I’m new here. How are you? You know... I really wanna be friends with you. Would you like to be my friend? I hope so.


  10. Slyther

    Hi there!

    Hi! How ya doin’ over there? Hope we can be friends!
  11. Slyther

    Hi there!

    Hi there! Happy to see you! Hope we can be friends!
  12. Slyther

    Hi there!

    OMG thank you so so so much being new is HARSH and HARD! k.i.t. Slyther
  13. Slyther

    Hi there!

    I’m new here! My name is Slyther. So does anyone wants to be friends? If so just say “Hi Slyther!” And then tell me your name. but let me go to the points: How does this work? Can someone help me? Can someone suggest a cutie mark for someone who works with computers? Thank You Everypony!!! Btw the hidden contents have nothing I just dunno how to take them out.