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  1. I love it when insects are crawling over my skin. It tickles!
  2. We share the same taste! <--- I think this is my most used one. I personally want to add these as well: I love the emojis on this site! I miss them on other sites!
  3. Same here. For the same reason I never even played with small cars, talked to plushies or pretended to be a policeman or similar things. But! I think it would be really cool to have one! I consider video game characters as my friends, kiiind of. Because even though they are fictional, I always choose the "good" path and want the best for them, for everypony. I mean what I experience and real. On the other hand...I'm in love with someone fictional. Friends need to be real for me, but not my love.
  4. Only in school back then, a few times. But all of it was in defense of bullying or racism. There was a foreigner I didn't even know, he spit on me while walking past me and then he tried to attack me with a huge paving stone, after I followed him and wanted to talk about why he did this... I was luckily able to avoid the stone and gave him some punches and ran looking for a teacher. Others made much worse experiences, mine was a cakewalk in comparison...
  5. No... I mean I tried, but I honestly don't see a point in using those sites. Not interested in the lives of strangers or what they just ate etc. And I don't think others would be interested in mine, that's why I keep my profiles empty. Friends would be different, but I talk to them in person anyway - hence they are my friends. I've made bad experiences with big Discord servers and other chat rooms. I don't fit in there. The best sites to use, in my opinion, are forums. People who don't like me can just ignore me and everyone can focus simply on the stuff that are resonating with themselves.
  6. I was hoping to find like-minded people, after I started to watch MLP. I found this site after a quick search.
  7. I consider my best friend as a part of my family, she is like a sister to me. When I met her, we discovered we have the same hobbies and interests. This is important, because I'm not a good talker/conversationalist otherwise... In the beginning at least. But over the years I learned more about her and we overcame some struggles together. We are very similar in many regards and this makes everything very easy.
  8. Because, this way, I can spend more time with the things I love.
  9. It was a revelation! I was always searching for something like this! My face when I watched the first episode: And my face now:
  10. Not anymore, but I had...a lot of those in the past, heehee~ I'm thinking about a tattoo, though. After the pandemic maybe, that's enough time to think about it.
  11. Special hugs: @You For showing me an awesome card game and playing it with me. I really needed something like this at the time, so it means a lot to me. @Tacodidra For calling me a friend. And for lots of reactions. You always give me a warm feel, because I know there is always at least one person who reads and appreciates the things I reply here. @TomDaBombMLP I simply respect your love for MLP. Your words and feelings towards the ponies resonate immensely with me, even though we didn't really talk that much, you will always have my support! @King of Canterlot For just being you and following your heart, heehee. You are one of my biggest inspirations. @Kitty Rose For being an awesome conversationalist. Thanks to you, I have always something I can looking forward to. @Bastian For being number 1~! We both are deep thinkers and there is a lot I can learn from you. One of the things I like about you, is, that you use your brains for the good and for the wish to make things better for everyone. *salutes* @Stone Cold Steve Tuna For bringing smiles on many faces. No words can describe what an amazing person you are. Thank you. And a few more thank you hugs: @AppleButt @Midnight Danny @Mellow Mane 🍀 @Rainbow Cloud @Ixrec @Lunarfur @Bakugou is my Man
  12. Everything influences us, yes. Imagine growing up all alone. Besides the fact it wouldn't really be possible, but in this case we wouldn't even learn the languages we talk right now. We wouldn't even know that those languages exist! But what matters in the end, is how we decide. There are a lot of options in life, we can choose between many paths, always.
  13. Your favorite princess (and me :blush:) wishes you a very happy birthday!!


    1. Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      Thank you my friend! And to her as well!!

  14. This is Rocky from "Pocky & Rocky". Who is this?