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  1. There is only one obvious choice: Gladmane! That hair, that smile and he even has a golden statue of himself. Ah~ SUCH ego!
  2. Happened very often. Nintendo games often stand out compared to what most video game companies do. For example, Mario Kart is not like those realistic racing games, it's different, and it's so much fun that the other racing games are not worth my time (anymore). I would rather reply a unique game 10 - 20 times than bother with a "new" game that is a copy of an existing idea. Which most games are. When it comes to soccer games, Inazuma Eleven was the best series for me. I prefer it even way over the Mario soccer games. But they implemented way too many mechanics in the generation 4 and 5 g
  3. I only like the nice ones, the reformed ones.
  4. Most companies would deserve the title in my opinion. If you had asked who is the best gaming company, I would have some answers.
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  6. I don't differentiate between humans and other animals (lifeforms), so I say humans are the scariest animal.
  7. Who else loves them? :wub:


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      I think you know me well enough by now to know how I feel about them :wub:

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  8. The graph goes up to 100, but what exactly does it even mean? I became a brony at the end of 2019 and I don't feel like I missed out on anything. All the content I like and discover nowadays, everything from back then is still there. And even now, there are many people diligently making new stuff every day. But if you want to be part on live events, such as convetions, or partake the (I assume) heated discussions after a new episode or movie came out...then yeah, you missed out on that. I also think that MLP was very huge at that time. I basically lived under a rock and even I hear
  9. No, I'm glad that I discovered the show when it just ended. Because I made bad experiences in the past with other franchises. Over time, they would get ruined or become very horrible. But with FiM, I was able to watch it all in "one go" (it still took me some months, haha). I loved all of it and I knew this is the perfect thing for me to stick to. The book closed at the end, it's 100% completed and whatever Hasbro would decide to do afterwards, it can't affect nor ruin FiM anymore. It was such a huge relieve. I'm just thankful to finally have found a show that was good from beginning to end,
  10. MelodicPony. Every single video they uploaded is fantastic. I'm still thankful that @TomDaBombMLP recommended them to me!
  11. My Little Pony: The Movie. Which is also my favorite movie of all time!
  12. Well explained and well written, @TomDaBombMLP. I still can't come over the fact that Starlight literally and completely took over Twilight's place there. Starlight stays in Ponyville, will take care of the Twilight's castle and also lead her school. She can always meet the other mane 6 in her freetime. Imagine - really - imagine there was a season 10 afterwards (without the time skip at the end), this is what it would be like. Twilight is gone, Starlight replaced her and they are the new mane 6. It is canon if you think about it, it is their new life from this point onward. Super weird.
  13. Oh no...looking at the reactions... I was talking about water! I only drink water and tea. And sometimes coconut water. Alcohol is evil and must be defeated! Apple Bloom kitten to the rescue!
  14. My only problem with the school is that it makes no sense to make Twilight's friends teachers, they are busy as heck already. I like the episodes and the characters and don't think about it while watching. I just don't like it from a logical standpoint. And making her the ruler afterwards made it even worse. She would never leave her friends, that's what she said in episode 2 already. Then pushing the school onto Starlight, who also lives alone in Twilight's huge, empty and cold castle from this point onward. (Sunburst will probably move in, since he starts to work in the school too. And maybe
  15. Something that would represent my love for the ponies and Equestria. Or just a heart, similar to Cadance's.
  16. What a bummer, season 6 is so amazing!
  17. They are all born singers. If I must pick, I go with Pinkie Pie.
  18. My choice would be obvious, so here is a non-biased opinion: Cadance. She doesn't have the typical pony stature and this makes her more unique. The color gradient in her mane, tail and wings - which is also more rare. She has the (in my opinion) best and most beautiful color variety too. Most of the other ponies don't have this kind of variety, not even the main characters. She is one of the few alicorns. Out of all the princesses, she is the nicest. She doesn't have these annoying fights or arguments like Celestia and Luna have. She is also not manipulating, fake or pretending, b
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