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  1. Thank you for the follow :catface:

  2. qib

    Mega Thread Count to a million

    496459 Just doing this to check out how my signature looks
  3. Oh Splashee, you are so mistaken, how many other people have little duckies as pets? You've just GOT to be my best friend, if you weren't, I'd miss saying your cute name
  4. qib

    Thank you so much for the follow, I love making new friends! :mlp_yeehaa:

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    2. qib


      Bite you? :catface: I think she's just a hungry Kitty :muffins:

      I am currently in a state of confusion :wau:

      Can I see pictures of the planes YOU fly :laugh:

    3. WWolf


      No she likes biting if you pet her in the right place :P , although you could say that about any cat.

      Here's one :kirin: .


    4. qib


      When did you first fly a plane? :fluttershy:

  5. Hello Tom! :catface:

    Look who I found :):P:fluttershy::mlp_icwudt::>_>::grin:

    All of your favorite ponies, and me, are here! :darling:

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    2. TomDaBombMLP


      I do French in school but I only know a bit.

      I am fluent in Ponyese though. (Is that how you spell it?) :squee:

    3. qib


      I didn't even know there was a pony language, whats it like? :laugh:

    4. TomDaBombMLP


      When we say 'everypony', 'anypony' or 'hoof'. :squee:

  6. Thank you for the follow, for all of your kindness, take a hug :)

    *hugs* :catface:

    1. Pathfinder


      *Hugs* Thanks! Such a sweetheart; hope you enjoy your stay! ^^

    2. qib




      Heres what I used to do, but then I learnt the most beautiful thing in this world is the friendship between six ponies :)

    3. qib




      I hope that all looks good :fluttershy:

  7. I'm thankful that I have amazing friends like this, who I will always try to make happy
  8. Thank you for the follow, I love making new friends :catface:

  9. Thank you so much for the follow! :pinkie:

    It always makes me happy when I get the chance to make a new friend :catface:

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    2. Dynamo Pad

      Dynamo Pad

      Oh, okay :laugh: That's understandable as everyone can be busy and not have time to watch or catch up on a show. Hopefully, you'll be able to catch up and enjoy the rest of the seasons.

      Favorite episode is definitely Cutie Mark Chronicles. I loved how we each got a focus on the mane 6 and how they got their cutie marks. Especially, the connection they each had to the sonic rainboom. Least favorite was probably Show Stoppers. Wasn't really a fan of that episode and I get the song was meant to be cringe, but I just wasn't a fan. How about you on least favorite and favorite episode?

      Also, is there anything that you are looking forward to seeing in the later seasons?

    3. qib


      My favorite episode is The Ticket Master, as I think it shows off the mane 6's characters really well! :P

      My least favorite is Over a Barrel, I feel like introducing us to all of these new places in just S1 was a bit too much :mlp_wat:

      I can't wait to see more of my favorite pony, Rarity! :pout:

      Is there anything you dont like about MLP? :wau:

    4. Dynamo Pad

      Dynamo Pad

      I remember The Ticket Master was the episode that made me say that I like the show lol. During my marathon run of the first 3 seasons that were out at the time, I watched the first two parter and thought it was pretty good. Then, I saw ticket master and I was sold. 

      The funny thing was that I wasn't a fan of Over a Barrel either. That, and some other episodes that were back to back of each other I wasn't really a fan of. However, during my trips to Bronycon, I remember they played a couple of episodes on TV from a DVD. One of them was Over a Barrel and after a while, I thought the episode wasn't as bad. It would have been pretty cool to get more places spread out throughout the seasons. It would definitely help with the idea of world building.

      I can guarantee you that you'll see many more episodes of Rarity. Some are pretty awesome, in my opinion. Still, I won't go into spoilers. :grin:

      Hmm...I don't know, to be honest. :ButtercupLaugh:I mean, I love MLP and I can see that there are some things that were hit and miss. I want to say, but that would also be spoilers. 

      I have a good question in regards to the later seasons. If there was another pony that stood out in the mane 6, then would that change your favorite of the mane 6? For example, Twilight is my favorite of the mane 6 and Fluttershy was my least favorite. I liked some of her episodes looking back, but I wasn't really a fan of her character. Over the seasons, she really grew on me and soon became my second favorite in the mane 6. 

  10. Than you so much for the follow :catface:

    I can't wait to be friends :)

    1. Dreambiscuit


      Same here! Nice to meet ya! :P

    2. qib


      What do you like to do? :mlp_icwudt:

  11. Thank you so much for the follow! :yay:

    I can't wait to learn more about you :catface:

    1. Orcus on His Throne

      Orcus on His Throne

      It's a personal rule of mine:

      "They follow me, I follow them back."

  12. qib

    Post your OC!

    I'd love to tell you all about my OC @Splashee! Name: Kitty Rose Type: Unicorn Gender: Female Appearance: Purple body with a long flowing pink mane and big blue eyes Cutie Mark: A paint palette to show her love of painting and colors Hobbies: Stroking her Kitty Kat and painting Additional Details: Sometimes she gets nervous that she's not a very good artist, but her Kitty Kat Sam always manages to calm her down I hope everypony likes her
  13. qib

    General What do you sound like?

    Hello everypony So my good friend @Splashee told me that I should do this, so here you go: https://vocaroo.com/cEslij1T8d5 I hope you all like my voice
  14. I can't find someone directly saying "Liverpool" but I've got a video of them talking generally Its called the Scouse accent, and even native English speakers struggle to understand
  15. qib

    Hello from Sweden

    Splashee, I'm here from the future! I have to warn you that... your going to have a great time here? (Who the heck wrote this script, this movie sucks) Hello friend!
  16. Just a few more and you'll be there Splashee
  17. Don't worry, we're all socially awkward here Welcome to the herd! I hope you have an amazing time here
  18. Thank you for the follow! :P

    have a hug *hugs* :grin:

  19. @Schattenherz Going outside regardless of the weather is risky anyway, staying in bed is much comfier!
  20. Thank you so much for the follow! :P

    I can't wait to learn all about you :catface:

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    2. qib


      If you're not into RD, how do you feel about Applejack? :bedeyes:

    3. Sparklefan1234


      Applejack was my original favorite pony & now she's my third favorite after Twilight Sparkle & Rarity. :mlp_yeehaa:

    4. qib


      Why did she get moved back! :mlp_wat:

  21. No!!!! Don't go back in time, the smallest change could completely change the future, I like this reply, because its the one that led to us becoming friends
  22. *surprise hug* :mlp_icwudt:

  23. qib

    Thank you so much for the follow! :pinkie:

    I can't wait to get to know each other better :catface:

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    2. qib


      Nope, never ever :catface:

      Its probably because I'm so amazing, why would I want to be anyone else? I just haven't got round to it :lie:

      Do you like board games? :fluttershy:

    3. TBD


      @Kitty Rose Lol!

      i like board games!! Why? You like them too?

    4. qib


      My boyfriend sometimes plays axis and allies with his friends, but other then that, I dont know about any other board games :confused:

      What board games do you like? :catface:

  24. Whoah, how did I get here? :blink:

    Hello! :catface:

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    2. Midnight Danny

      Midnight Danny

      That's a good question and sorry for the late response, and to be really honest, this is the third time l rewatched the show. :fluttershy:

      (*ahem* hope i wrote correctly :twismile:

    3. qib


      Dont worry about a thing dear, you're very good at English :catface:

      Is there anything you dont like about MLP? :dash:

    4. Midnight Danny

      Midnight Danny

      And another good question! :o

      Nope, i really love it! :wub:

      Okay maybe i am sometimes a bit busy and not being able to watch it everyday, but i still love it! :wub: Especially the FiM! :pinkie:

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