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  1. Thank you for being above me so I can write this
  2. The intro for that show lowkey slapped ngl
  3. America when was basketball invented?
  4. For committing 20 Counts of war crimes in the state of Yugoslavia between the years 1980-1989
  5. Pretty bad at that, I find handling a bow really awkward in general are you good at running?
  6. Damn ig I’m the only person that fw rap 😕😕😕
  7. this song always got me feeling some type of way 😭😭😭😭😭
  8. Lilppmonstet69

    Animation The last Anime you watched?

    Bleach, a little bit boring so far but might be cuz I’m on the first few episodes
  9. I only played mobile games as a kid So Things like clash of clans, subway surfers, jet pack joyride, classic mobile games
  10. Ah yes fellow naruto fan i think I’m more like Shikamaru cuz Im usually lazy and unmotivated
  11. Rainbow six siege, looks like a lot of fun ngl
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