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  1. Thank you for being above me so I can write this
  2. For committing 20 Counts of war crimes in the state of Yugoslavia between the years 1980-1989
  3. Pretty bad at that, I find handling a bow really awkward in general are you good at running?
  4. Damn ig I’m the only person that fw rap 😕😕😕
  5. this song always got me feeling some type of way 😭😭😭😭😭
  6. Bleach, a little bit boring so far but might be cuz I’m on the first few episodes
  7. I only played mobile games as a kid So Things like clash of clans, subway surfers, jet pack joyride, classic mobile games
  8. Ah yes fellow naruto fan i think I’m more like Shikamaru cuz Im usually lazy and unmotivated