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  1. Hey everypony! It's me. It's been a while since I've been on here, so you deserve an explanation. My 2 year mission really changed me for the better! I won't go into details, but I've learned a whole lot about myself and what I need to do to be happy for the rest of my life. To be blunt, I've moved on from MLP. However! I will always be a brony in my heart! I'll never forget what this show and community has done for me. It's lovely to see how this place is still up and running that the community is still going. Keep up what you guys are doing. I'm 100% sure I wasn't the only person to have MLP change my life forever. PM me if you wanna talk. I'll check once in a while. And once again... Thank you!
  2. Happy Birthday ye of great legend and inspiration.

  3. Hey man, haven't seen you in a little while. Everything going alright?\

  4. I just have to say I find it amazing how after 2 years of absence from the forums you kept your word and came back so welcome back

  5. Extremely late, but wow! Welcome back. I stumbled upon your threads as a new member and thought what you were doing was amazing. :)

  6. Hm. You're a pretty special fella round these parts. Glad to see that you're back :3 You should check out the Rarity Fan Club sometime =O

  7. Pwny rarely lost control of his emotions, in fact, of the entire 2 years he was gone, he had only broken down once in tears. This was evidence to himself that deep down behind the professional persona Pwny put up, there was a sensitive, insecure stallion. Just stunned at the unexpected turn of events, Pwny couldn't help but smile, and let one small tear drop down. He couldn't even feel the slap that Twilight had given him, especially after they hugged. When Twilight exclaimed that he should never, ever do something like this again, Pwny couldn't help but agree with her. He did what had to be done... but was it worth the price? Pwny tried hard to keep his overwhelming flood of emotions at bay when he said, "Twilight... It's... how? ... " He was at a loss for words since he was trying to express three ideas at once. "There's so much I want to say right now. I don't know where to start." As Twilight was listening, she was nibbeling on the food she teleported in, probably trying to conceal her emotions as well. She listened intently to what little Pwny had to say, but in reality this whole moment was a blur to both parties. "I never forgot you during my travels... You certainly have been doing well for yourself lately.." said Pwny, while looking around at the room. "Before I tell you my report, can you tell me what you've been up to since I've been gone?"
  8. A little late, but welcome back!

  9. Holy Celestia the lord of RP's is back!!!

    1. My little pwny
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      Count Paradox

      NM, just happy that you've returned to us. ^-^ I just have a feeling that those of us who have stayed since the beginning might ask you to either continue where you left off with our RP's or start new ones with you. XD

  10. The journey has ended. Pwny has done his duty to queen and country by completing reconnaissance on surrounding countries. It was no small task; 2 years prior, Pwny was requested personally by Princess Celestia to head up a unprecedented journey in order to investigate where queen chrysalis could have went, and if there are any other potential enemies Equestria could instead befriend, or if needs be, deter from becoming an enemy. Walking towards the Canterlot Castle's gate, Pwny approached the guards weary, tired, but also confident. "I'm here to see Princess Celestia. The mission she gave me is complete, and I'm here to be debriefed." "Wait here." Said the royal unicorn Guardsmen as he turned backwards through a false wall, created by magic. This is new, thought Pwny. He touched the false wall with his hoof, and it was as solid as it had appeared. I wonder who invented this spell? This didn't exist when I left... A couple minutes later, the Guardsmen came back the way he came, brushing into Pwny just a bit. "My apologies, Pwny. We didn't realize you were returning! The quest you were sent on was anticipated to take 6 months, yet, it has been 25 months since you've left! We counted you as a casualty!" 25 months?!? Thought Pwny. This doesn't add up... I thought I was only gone a year! "Things... got complicated. You may know this, but there was no way in communicating back to Equestria from where I was going. The mission required action, and that is why it took long than expected..." The guardsmen looked like he was processes the information. After a five second pause, he said, "You're clear to come in. Follow me." "Lead the way", replied Pwny. Both Stallions went through the false wall, this time letting Pwny pass without clipping him. The stoney hallway they entered through was obviously used for security purposes and emergencies, because it went under almost every important room in the Castle. It was lit by several dim torches in order to light the way. It was wide enough for hoof-traffic to go both ways, and tall enough for Princess Celestia to stand. For several moments there was no conversation between the two of them until they hit two right turns and a flight of stairs. The Guardsmen spoke up and said, "Princess Celestia would like to hear your report as soon as possible. However,..." he paused and stopped at the top of the stairs, "do you know anything that has happened in Equestria the past two years?" Looking up at him, Pwny responded, "Like I said, I have had no communication with this country from where I was located." "None at all? Not even whispers are rumors about changes in royalty?" Pwny thought to himself for a moment, then said, "There was a village I passed through on the way back just beyond Equestrian influence that mentioned to me that there was a new princess who knew Celestia pretty well previously. That's all the information I got though." "That new princess will be doing your debriefing. She personally requested to do so when we alerted the Castle of your presence. Celestia granted the request and you'll be seeing her shortly." "I waited two years apparently, I can wait two more days if needs be." "Follow me", said the Guardsmen again as he continued to walk forwards. A few minutes of walking later, he paused at what seemed like a very random part of the hallway. He turned to the wall, pounded the ground four times rhythmically, and a rotating door popped out of place. Another false wall. A lot less magic involved though. Pwny thought. Immediately past the door was a narrow staircase with a trap door at the roof. The guardsmen stopped and said, "Here's where we part ways. She's been waiting for you for a long time. Good luck on your report." The guard started to walk back the way they came when he lastly said, "Who knows, we may be seeing more of each other depending on how it goes." Before he was out of earshot, Pwny loudly spoke, "I never got your name!" The guardsmen replied, looking over his shoulder saying, "We'll probably cross paths again. Don't worry." Pwny stared at the armored pony walking away until he went down the staircase. He had no idea who this new princess was, but at this time, that's not what concerned him the most. During his entire journey, especially when times were the hardest, the one motivating thing that got him through it was his mare, Twilight Sparkle. They had a relationship for a few months prior to his assignment from Celestia, right when they were the closest to each other. It broke both their hearts for him to have to leave, but the assignment came in the wake of the attack on the Castle from Queen Chrysalis which made the importance of international exploration priority number one. He could remember the day he left like it was yesterday, and the moment he had to say goodbye to Twilight. He said, "Don't wait for me Twilight. Life is to short to expect you to not move on." "No, never! Remember, it's just six months! That's... that's nothing! Don't say stuff like that!" cried Twilight. Pwny sorrowfully said, "Celestia says it'll take six months, but we both know that something could hap...." *SLAP* "DON'T EVER SAY SOMETHING LIKE THAT!" Yelled Twilight, slapping Pwny in the face. "Just leave! LEAVE ME! Celestia said you don't have to go! She said she would find someone else! But you insisted. YOU are leaving ME! Not ME leaving YOU!" "But Twilight... I lo..." "Just go. I don't want to hear it, Pwny." Despite that memory, Pwny's feelings for Twlight barely changed. He, himself, has changed quite a bit over the 25 months, but still anticipated meeting her once again. But first, he had to be debriefed by this 'new princess'. Pwny finally walked up the stairs, and opened the trap door to see a Purple Alicorn on the opposite side of a table..... "..........Twilight?!" OOC: I think I gave you a lot to work with, so take it where you think it needs to go from here. In real life, I have not seen any of season 3 or 4, so if you see fit to have a conversation about what has transpired in the series, it will be news to me, which makes this RP more real! Thanks for doing this for me
  11. Hello! Good to see you around these parts again. :-)

    1. My little pwny

      My little pwny

      hahaha thanks man. Have things been going well for you and the ponyverse lately? I wanted to do a synctube night and watch s3 with some people online

    2. Twilight Sparkle ✨

      Twilight Sparkle ✨

      Things are going well. University is my life now, but Poniverse has a number of great things in the pipeline. :-)

  12. My Favourite Mane 6 Pony: Twilight Sparkle How did you find MLP Forums?: Google search How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: Taking a chance on the first 5 episodes. Hi MLPforums! This is My little pwny. A lot has changed in 2 years since I've really been on the site, but I seek to catch up ASAP and be reassimilated. I can't wait to share with you my experiences and some of the bronies I have come across on my travels. To help me out, would you be so kind to tell me the top 5 changes to the MLP universe in the last 2 years? Like: 1. 2. 3....etc. Thank you! And it's great to be back!!
  13. I am home. Ready to Brony out.

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      This is surreal for me as I saw some of you posts during my historical expedition of the site. Welcome Back!

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      Welcome back you awesome son of a gun :3

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      Late but welcome back! From what I have seen, you are legendary xD