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  1. Blackfire Blaze

    Lyra and Bon Bon Day

    I'm celebrating by watching the "Slice of Life" episode. They are such a cute couple.
  2. Maybe they have a deal for the show to go onto Netflix, or another streaming service, as a whole after the TV broadcast has completed.
  3. I remember this one. I think I wouldn't mind a rewatch, maybe give the eng dub a try. So you're only mid-way-ish? Have they introduced Esdeath? The ending is-- I better not say. My memory is a bit hazy, but I think there were quite a lot of tragic moments in AgK.
  4. Okay, I made my own list. I couldn't narrow it down to 10 though 1) A True, True Friend 2) Lullaby for a Princess (ponyphonic) 3) The Moon Rises (ponyphonic) 4) The Pony I Want to Be 5) Shine Like Rainbows 6) The Magic Inside 7) You'll Play Your Part 8) Becoming Popular 9) You're In My Head Like a Catchy Song 10) Find A Way 11) Friends Are Always There for You A True, True Friend is the song that got me to actually start paying attention to the show, so it will always be my #1 After my euphoria from the ponyphonic songs calms down a bit I'm going to branch out toward some other fanmade content. Once again, thanks for your lists everypony.
  5. Yes and they are amazing! Since you already posted them I'll give them both another rewatch right here.
  6. Not telling. Haha. But I do love the romance and the drama, and how the couples overcome hardship with love.
  7. I would like to take this opportunity to thank @CypherHoof 🐎 and the contributors to this thread, without whom I would not have found "Lullaby for a Princess" and "The Moon Rises" by ponyphonic, my new favorite songs.
  8. Yeah, Larsky beat me to it. BL = boys love / yaoi / male x male romance bbl = be back later, and I am now, lol
  9. Hrm... Unclear whether you're asking what BL is, or suggesting Dr. Stone falls within the genre... I'll give you that Senku's and Chrome's relationship does have quite a bit of affectionate bromance. My favorite BLs are Junjou Romantica, Sekaiichi Hatsukoi, Hitorijime My Hero, Spirit Pact, Yuri on Ice, Loveless, Gravitation, Love Stage (this one got me into BL; it's hilarious) I sooo need to watch Seraph of the End. One-Punch Man and God Eater are excellent. Gotta go for now, bbl
  10. Thanks for the suggestions but I've seen all those. (and those 3 are pretty good). I watch all genres of anime, everything from action to slice-of-life to ecchi to BL.
  11. Watching Equestria Girls when: Flutterfeet! Oh yes, step on me please, Mistress Fluttershy! source: the yacht music video -
  12. Yet another tab done! This time it's "You're in My Head Like a Catchy Song" from Season 7 Episode 13, "The Perfect Pear". Everyone knows this song, and there are tons of covers for it. And for good reason. This song has such simple and lovely acoustic guitar parts in it. But of course I made it more challenging by working the vocal melody into it for solo fingerstyle play. Like a boss! And like always, the zip contains the tab in gp5, gp7, pdf, and midi formats. Special shoutouts to @Rikifive whose super cool 8-Bit version of the song motivated me to start and finish my own tab sooner rather than later, and to a little-known Youtuber named Jasobres, whose guitar cover I clicked on randomly and realized I was wrongly using Bm instead of Em... (hey, I thought it still sounded cool at the time, and also I'm working with not-perfect-quality audio tracks here )
  13. This is a really good one. One of the very best anime has to offer. Some other similar animes are Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World- (like the magic fantasy-world version, whereas S;G is sci-fi), Erased (haven't seen it myself, but a lot of people say it's similar), Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (the second season, Kai), Puella Magi Madoka Magicka (you may not think so at first buuuuut laterrr....) There's also Steins;Gate 0, which takes place in the aftermath of one of the VN's "bad ends". So what are you watching next?
  14. Added another tab. My tribute to Rarity <3 "Becoming Popular (The Pony Everypony Should Know)" (best Rarity song ftw) Some of the chords were hard to hear and I waffled a bit over a couple sections... If anypony wants to offer corrections for anything very musically wrong in the tab, lemme know and I'll consider changing/updating it I don't know music theory, just tabs; it's all numbers to me haha. Link to the original song for reference:
  15. I like Feather Bangs with his whole "boy band" image and singing. I wish he was in more episodes though. His voice actor, Vincent Tong, plays Flash Sentry in the Equestria Girls series. And I like Shining Armor pretty well.