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  1. Pyon!! Hahaha That card is my favorite, I used to play All stars, but I got frustrated because Yohane never arrived as a UR ;-; But I have all her limited cards on SIF so with that is okay uwu And I'm from Chile nwn
  2. Thank you!! I used to play osu, and now that you mention it I think that is time to play it again. My fav RG for now is the Love Live school idol festival She is Yohane, a fallen angel (really she's not) and is my waifu for life, is for the game I mentioned before uwu
  3. I love anime so much too, idol animes are my favorite, they have helped me too in many different ways. I am starting with cosplay and with drawing too, I have drawn ponies all my life so I don't know drawing anything else XD I love videogames too, are my life and I spend all day playing them. Rhythmic games and MMORPG's are my favorites, especially the animals ones How I said before I'm not good at social things, I'm very dumb with all that, but I'm learning and the first step is doing friends. I'm not a native English speaker but I did my best xD If you wanna know anything else you can ask uwu Omg I messed up with the order XD