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  1. I loved watching silent comedies when I was young and I've come to love silent horror films like Nosferatu as well
  2. Okay I've workshopped two concepts for this mane six punk band fic I've come up with :twismile:

    The first is a normal story just written about all the characters interacting with each other while on tour to a show. 

    The second is writing it like a VH1 Behind the Music style documentary. I think this might be an interesting challenge but I can see a lot of people not finding that pleasing to read. 

    Anyone got any thoughts? :sealed:

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    2. Rainy Day

      Rainy Day

      @TomDaBombMLP I'm actually worried you wouldn't :adorkable: They wouldn't be the Mane 6 as you know and love them they'd be pretty different!

    3. LyraLover


      The second one sounds more interesting to me, it's less conventional. :mlp_icwudt:

    4. TomDaBombMLP


      @Rainy Day We'll have to wait and see! ;)

      In your other story, the way you wrote Fluttershy was exactly the way she should be. :fluttershy:

  3. I'm thinking of writing a new fic where the mane six are all in a punk band together ^_^

    They'd be very different versions of themselves but I think it might be a fun idea to try, dont know if I want to make it a one off or a long form thing though :sealed:

    1. TomDaBombMLP


      Anything Mane Six is good enough for me! :wub:

    2. Kujamih


      Just make sure you don't end up copying equestria girls:laugh:

  4. Dear @Starlight Glimmer and @Trixie, Thank you for being such shining examples of how we don't need to be defined by our pasts. It's an inspiration to see two people help each other (or in some cases just the other) better themselves without sacrificing what makes them who they are. Not only this but to see you both succeed in spite of your troubled history means the world to me. I truly hope you're both very happy together. Your sincerely, Rainy Day Dearest forum friends, Thank you so much for welcoming me to the site, creating amazing work, collectively appreciati
  5. I got really good grades on all my first semester college work!!! 

    I'm so happy about this because it's been really difficult to spend my first year in lockdown. Online classes are not conducive to an enriching learning environment for me so it's been a big struggle but I suppose it's turning out alright :mlp_rarity:

    I've also been stressing out about how I'm gonna get through the rest of the year but I guess this sort of bodes well for the future, although I do think this semester's classes look far more daunting :blush:

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    2. Floofie



    3. TomDaBombMLP


      That’s great to hear! Well done, my friend! :wub:

    4. LyraLover


      Congratulations, my friend! Well done! :mlp_icwudt:

  6. I really want to write more one offs or just different stories to my main fic in order to stretch my creative legs as it were, but I can never think of any ideas :dry:

    It's a shame there's no active writing prompt group on fimfic cause I would very much appreciate it! 

    The only thing I can think of is a mane six sitcom style story but I can't really flesh it out and it also feels like something that should be longer form but I'm far more set on short pieces.

    Oh well! lol

    1. Sparklefan1234


      Wanting to write but not being able to think of anything is one of my least favorite things. :worry:

      I hope you're able to think of something soon, BFFFF. :rarity:



    2. TomDaBombMLP


      Anything with the Mane Six is amazing! :wub:

      I hope you’ll feel okay! :kindness:

    3. LyraLover


      Maybe just think of a random character who you find interesting, and see what you can do with them? I do that sometimes. :coco:

  7. Good day everyone! 

    I've written a new story which which can be found here ; )

    I'd like to thank @LyraLover 💚 for help with this story <3

    I've been in a real funk creatively so I'm quite happy to be putting something out again :squee: 

    Hopefully anyone who reads it enjoys it as much as I did writing it :-P


    1. TomDaBombMLP


      Great once again! :squee:

    2. LyraLover


      Glad I was able to help! It's a great story! :eager:

  8. Happy birthday Kujamih!!!!


    Pin on My Little Pony Party, Etc.

    1. Kujamih


      Jthanks!... Been long and missed you too buddy!

  9. I do like Maud a lot but I wouldn't say she's a comfort character of mine specifically, though I do think I would enjoy her company
  10. Little something I'm working on :coco:

    starlight and trixie have a blast.png

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    2. LyraLover


      StarTrix is the best pairing in MLP, so I know this will be good! :ticking:

    3. Tacodidra


      Great and powerful art, my friend! :yay:

    4. Califorum


      It is really nice!

  11. I'm finally back on the writing train! Currently over a thousand words into a new story that I hope to have finished soon featuring all new (to me haha) characters. I think I'm still a ways away from getting back to my OC fic but I'm happy to get this one-shot done and out there for now :mlp_yeehaa:

    1. LyraLover


      That's awesome! I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with! :grin:

    2. TomDaBombMLP


      I look forward to seeing what you’ve conjured up! :ticking:

    3. Rainy Day

      Rainy Day

      @TomDaBombMLP Very appropriate use of 'conjured' :arethosehands:

  12. What games do you like to play when you're feeling down that help bring you out of that mood? Something that just does a good job of distracting you or just has such serene energy you can't help but feel calm by playing it ? Minecraft is a big one for me. The music and lighthearted nature of the game is really good at calming me down. I also really like FF7 but only up until a certain point
  13. After thinking on it for a bit I think I have settled on a few of my own For quite similar reasons I would say Fluttershy, Max Caulfield, and Aerith. They remind me of myself and I relate to them a lot but they also act as role models for how I think I djpild act. I would also say Korra and Zuko since they both struggled a lot with finding their place in the world and made a lot of mistakes but still succeeded despite their hardship
  14. I got myself a Rainbow Roadtrip DVD for Christmas and I'm giving it a rewatch tonight.

    Forgot how much I love this special, it really encompasses all that I love about the show and what I wish it had been more like sometimes. 

    It really harkens back to the tone of the first few seasons and I just love how it doesn't have any villain or malicious characters which was the biggest surprise to me on the first viewing :P I really thought Petunia was gonna be the villain or something :wacko:

    1. TomDaBombMLP


      It’s such an amazing special, isn’t it? :wub:

    2. Sparklefan1234


      Have fun, BFFFF! :awed:

      I'm amazed that they don't have Rainbow Roadtrip on Netflix or a Shout Factory DVD. 

  15. I've recently been seeing a lot of discussion about comfort characters, which if you're not familiar with the term, are "fictional character people find immense comfort in, either because they can identify with them or wish that they could hang out IRL" according to a Vice article. Some people take it to another level where just thinking about their CC can help them calm down during stressful experiences. Do you consider yourself to have a comfort character? If so, why have you picked them? It doesn't matter if it's MLP related or not!
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