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    Don't really have one; unless to say that listening to what others have to say is worth more than your own words.
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    I like to be a peacemaker; making sure friends get along well to live life the best way possible.

    I dream to be a hero someday. To fight what's worth fighting for and to protect those I love...that is what I dream.

    I also like to brave monsters sometimes and explore and stuff. (If anyone has a Final Fantasy-esque RP, please invite me.)

    I generally like to have fun, anyway!

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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

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    Twilight Sparkle
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    Again, Twi.
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    Twi Spar
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    Other than the three?
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  1. So by now we've all heard the four hour siege on the US capitol. People all over were talking about how this might be the end of America and that the government might be overthrown. Was anyone else expecting this? I did, and that's why I spent half the day in a fallout shelter waiting for when a new government came or nuclear weapons just go off during the clash. Hysteria makes you do anything...
  2. Spending time in a fallout shelter where I live. There are about 50 other people around me. We knew this day would come...

    1. Samurai Equine

      Samurai Equine

      Stay safe, my friend. :blush:

    2. Happy Heart

      Happy Heart

      Local police came in and ejected everyone from the fallout shelter. Glad it's all over!

  3. How would we know!? There's just some things magic can't explain!
  4. It's still quite unusual. Maybe it's not a matter of raising the sun and moon at all, but maybe it has something to do with the pony planet's rotation?
  5. So it's a different planet entirely! This...might help people believe it's real.
  6. You're probably right about that. At least they don't have to deal with a debilitating virus...!
  7. Don't feel bad; sometimes I'm confused on where certain topics go as well. In response to your question, that is an interesting one. There are so many references to humanistic culture in the ponyverse. Maybe we oughta look into these theories of parallel universes...
  8. A little long, but...
  9. Same here! It saddens me when I think they went away. That was truly the greatest TV that ever was!
  10. Happy Heart

    Web Youtubers You Like

    Kingspartax37—Also known as Delta Brony. He's great at remixing themes using existing video game themed with MLP songs. Longplay Archive is my gaming hub, either that or World of Longplays. Brawlgamemusic is my go to for just listening to themes. And then Neo-Midgar's great at using theme soundfonts.
  11. But who's a good singer? I've never heard any of the staff members' voices.
  12. Final Fantasy Adventure—Or Adventures of Mana, as what it's now called—the original version. Nearly got stuck in Tower of Gemma before I realized Skeletons spawn Keys...
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