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    Again, Twi.
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    Don't really have one; unless to say that listening to what others have to say is worth more than your own words.
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    I like to be a peacemaker; making sure friends get along well to live life the best way possible.

    I dream to be a hero someday. To fight what's worth fighting for and to protect those I love...that is what I dream.

    I also like to brave monsters sometimes and explore and stuff. (If anyone has a Final Fantasy-esque RP, please invite me.)

    I generally like to have fun, anyway!

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  1. (I posed this question myself, and in my opinion, the average pony might be about four feet. Some commanders on my topic agreed with me.)
  2. (How 'bout a full length fan made video game? I'm actually trying to dev something like that.)
  3. (Kefka. [Final Fantasy VI/III for SNES] That...laugh!)
  4. @Fluttershyfan94 (That's actually kinda sad, not finding any happiness or fulfilment in life from being insanely rich and the ability to attain any goal... That's the kind of trap people fall for these days, thinking that the grass is always greener or that life's better in the upper class, only to find that life is sort of empty. I'm sure a lot of us have heard a lot of celebrities say that superstardom does not equal happiness and good tidings. Sure, material things are nice, but there has got to be some sort of substance behind all of your stuff, otherwise it's all for naught. Find something that you know will bring you true happiness and not a temporary fix. I hope I haven't offended you by saying this, but I hope you take my advice.)
  5. @Kujamih (You mean that Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild clone?)
  6. (That kind of spiteful wording I used in a recently locked thread. That....... I don't even know what happened to me back there.)
  7. (My OC, Happy Heart, was completely influenced by an RP colleague of mine on Facebook. It started years ago—in a nutshell, Happy is a human who came to Equestria in hopes for a better life. Celestia made him into a unicorn and had gotten a new ponified name as well. Eventually, he fell in love with a vampony named Mystic Rayne, who showed him the ways of friendship. They had several adventures together, some of which saved the world from utter destruction. They got married and had several children. They had a lot of fun together..... I had a lot of fun playing as this green unicorn stallion you see as my pic. What a ride.......I wish it'd never end.)
  8. @Bakugou is my Man (Gnah! I can never get that right! I'll try to remember next time...!)
  9. (That's another thing I'm missing in my life, fellow bronies whom I can contact in my community! Friendship is magic, after all!)
  10. (Equestria can be dangerous, especially with a lot of magical creatures roaming around. I'll bet it's a lot like an RPG, with random encounters with nearly every step you take and having to fend off whatever's trying to send you to an early grave. This is probably a stupid question, but let's say the pony world is a lot like an RPG. If you happen to face against a rather monstrous creature, what musical theme would play seemingly out of nowhere?)
  11. (I'm pretty optimistic and hopeful for the pony fandom. The fact that people are still making posts to this thread should be proof enough that the ponydom is stable.)
  12. (Friendship... Magic. Peace, love, joy, happiness. Generosity, loyalty, kindness, laughter, honesty. Justice, genuine affection, true faith. And above all...harmony. Everything that is wrong with the real world that should be replaced by only what we can imagine—or at least, what the self made goddess Faust can imagine. That is what we are missing in our lives. Unfortunately, reality makes this dream unattainable....... But who knows? Maybe there is something we don't know about.)
  13. (I don't find this theory to be appealing. It just sounds too weird.) (However, this is more probable. It's very likely our viewpoint of pony population is warped because of the show's focus on female roles.)