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  1. I can go first as I've made this post! My sona is a Draconequus but he is able to change himself into a 'normal' Zebra! (The horns stays though, as his magic is channelled through there) Artwork and design done by turnipberry His name is Cacophony! Who's your sona? Do they have any backstory? What do they do and what do they look like! Please tell me more!
  2. Oooo! We have a small brand of cafes here in Sweden (I think its in all of scandinavia) Called Espresso House! Its kinda like starbucks but a bit more old-school theme! I love their Ice Coffees! If you ever go here/see one of em I heavily suggest trying em out!
  3. I can teach you guys some Swedish if you want to know anything! MHU with a word and I'l translate! Fun fact, My username (Iskaffe) Means Ice Coffee !
  4. Probably the same, Would just have been easier to go to hospital appointments
  5. Iskaffe

    LGBT Chatroom

    Hello!! I joined this site a few days ago and I got directed to here! My name is Wesley, or Wes for short! Im a FtM from Sweden whos also Demisexual and Pansexual!! Its a pleasure to meet you all!!!!
  6. Iskaffe


    Aaah!! Thank you all so much!!! This is super nice of you all!! Imma definately hop onto that lil chatroom
  7. I love the fallout series! And I gotta say that one of my fav background music from the first game is this one: It just fits the overall mood and feeling so well!!
  8. Iskaffe


    @Splashee® Omg!! Hejsan! Visste inte att det finns svenska personer i fandomen! Så trevligt att träffas
  9. Iskaffe


    Thank you so much!! Im very excited to be here
  10. Iskaffe


    My name is Wes or Wesley! Im FtM From sweden! (He/They) I love to make new friends! Thank you for stopping by <3
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