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  1. I believe that there are lots of things in this world that fall outside of the realm of human understanding, and that when people are confronted with it, they go to the first frame of reference they have for trying to understand it. Unexplained lights in the sky? If you're religious, it might be an angel. If you're superstitious, it's a UFO. If you're committed to reasoning everything, then it might've just been a plane or a weird reflection or something. But the fact is, these are all still assumptions we're making about the world around us. A world we're way too small to really understand. I think people devote themselves too much to thinking that science is an infallible and always correct thing. But scientific knowledge is always changing and being discarded as new things are being discovered. A lot of chemistry, physics, astronomy etc. are all still based on a lot of assumptions that must be accepted for the theory to hold weight. Also, there are thousands of things that can't be scientifically measured but that we all accept. Science can't tell us why it's bad to kill people. Science can't tell us why art is beautiful. I'm not trying to come off as anti-science, or anti-religion or anti-paranormal. I have my own beliefs about the world. But I don't think anyone should get too comfortable in thinking they understand how everything works.
  2. I don't really know how to define my sexuality into a specific term. I use "lesbian" sometimes but just as a shorthand cuz it's more complicated in reality. Really, more than anything I just don't date most men.
  3. Kibo-Chan is the only YouTuber you need
  4. I really really really really wish there was more Carissa's Wierd music released before they broke up and only started playing anniversary shows every few years. Their music is so beautiful.
  5. I think it's really funny that Far Cry 5 is the only thing my state is notable for

    1. Kyoshi


      Playing Farcry 5 actually made me appreciate Montana a lot more. Your state's geography is fascinating. :o I need to do research on Montana actually. One of my big obsessions is state individuality, I've done a series of signatures based on that too, though it isnt complete yet. I love seeing what makes each state unique. :) Their flag, culture, geography, all that stuff. I dont like the states being lumped into the "murica" mass.

      Yeah it's something I like a lot. :P

    2. gurokama


      Montana is weird. It might as well be two different states. The Western half is more like PNW lite, while the Eastern half is more Midwestern. I live in the Western part, but in one of the more urban areas so there's a really interesting cultural clash here. There was a huge migration of hippies to my town in the 60s, so much so that they called it "Little Berkeley".

      But yeah, if there's anything our state is known for, it's the really gorgeous nature. When you see the sky driving through here, you'll know for sure why it's called "Big Sky Country". Also huckleberries, trout, really strong ties to indigenous culture, and a ton of dinosaur bones. The skeleton of the T-Rex they used in Jurassic Park actually came from Montana.

    3. gurokama


      The flag kinda sucks though lol

  6. I'm gonna go back to G1 and say Sundance would be my pick. But for G4 specifically, either Applejack or Princess Luna.
  7. Definitely outside of age range but you seem cool
  8. Yessss KRS One rules. I still really need to read his Gospel of Hip Hop.
  9. Blue Waffle................. are you kidding me right now?
  10. No, gay in the more general sense. So girls pretty much.
  11. Effie is awake

    1. gurokama


      None of you are safe

    2. yungsparkle7
  12. These are only pics of me I could find with my face uncovered, and they're pretty old. I lost that septum piercing a while ago and never replaced it lol
  13. I've got Kirby Super Star Ultra, Super Mario 64 DS, Mario Hoops 3-on-3, and Pokemon White somewhere in my house. But all I have are the cases and the cartridges have been missing for years now. Do you own any old Happy Meal toys?
  14. Without MLP, yeah I would definitely still be gay and trans I think. But when I first got into it, I still thought that I was a straight guy, and I think finding friends in the fandom helped make me more comfortable in exploring that part of myself. So it probably helped me open up about it sooner than I would've otherwise. Still though, when I was really really young I was way into Powerpuff Girls and I would run around my house pretending to be a Powerpuff Girl all the time. Either way, cartoons have always been my vessel for gender expression I guess lmao
  15. Only just started Disgaea on Steam for the first time but I love all of the crazy mechanics they've included.

    Throwing enemies into each other to increase their levels before killing them for a massive XP boost. Turning prinnies into explosives. Having to add negative stat bonuses whenever you create a new unit. Even just being able to attack your allies is really funny lmao