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  1. We saw that Twilight Sparkle is as tall as Celestia, but Cadance is never seen, so how tall do you think she is? Is she as tall as Twilight and Celestia, too? Is she still the same height as she is in the rest of the show? Did she grow maybe a little bit but not much? What do you guys think?
  2. I actually just asked Ziggylung, the developer of Ponyvania, what the player character in Ponyvania's hitbox is like on the Ponyvania Discord server. I haven't gotten a response yet.
  3. No, it can only be a single rectangle.
  4. Hello, I'm trying to make a My Little pony platforming game, but one problem I'm facing is hitboxes. This hitbox only applies to objects and enemies, not level geometry and can be any size rectangle down to the pixel. The problem I'm facing is, ponies have a really weird shape, so I'm not sure what the optimal hitbox size and placement should be. Can you guys please draw a rectangle on these images where you think the hit box should be?
  5. Thank you. Those posts answer most of my questions, but what, exactly, did the Elements of Harmony actually DO to Nightmare Moon/Luna? We know that either her jealously amplified her magic power, she reached the breaking point and used the moon's power to boost her own power, or both to become Nightmare Moon, and she started going ballistic because she wanted to be loved and she wanted her night to be loved. O.K., so she gets back from the moon still all jealous and crazy, then the Main 6 use the Elements of Harmony on her. Why is she suddenly not jealous and crazy anymore? What happened?
  6. It always struck me as odd that Luna looked so different during Season 1. Why did she look so different then? People might assume that it's a depowered form and she got weakened due to being Nightmare Moon for so long and getting hit by the rainbow beam and that her power would slowly regenerate over the course of the season being at full power and having her regular appearance by the second season. However, both she and Celestia have gotten pretty beat up over the course of the series including having their magic stolen several times, and yet Luna never took on that form again. Even in future
  7. Hello, can anyone think of a new armor design for King Sombra? I've never really liked his default armor, and there are potentially tons of different ways to design armor for him. I'm making a game where he's playable, and I'm trying to think of alternate armor designs for him, maybe something that goes with his personality or something he likes, such as the black crystals he likes so much. I just want to think of something different for him, that's all. If no one can think of anything, I'll just use his armor from the show. One thing I will say is that he will be wearing the Alicorn Amul
  8. Oh wow! I just finished reading that story on FimFiction about a month ago, and you made it into an actual book? Wow, that's dedication, and I can't even begin to know how you did that!
  9. I've been hard at work with my Super Mario World hack. All of the basic Unicorn, Pegasus, and Earth Pony abilities as well as Luna's own abilities are implemented. I just need to fix up a few graphic effects and such. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/655980905743122434/916900684052430899/bandicam_2021-12-04_21-52-31-059.mp4 (I don't know what that loud click is at the end of the video. It's not supposed to be there. Just ignore it.)
  10. Who is Lily Longsocks? I've only heard of her from a fan fic. Is she an ACTUAL character in the show!?
  11. You're not supposed to go to the levels on the left and right. Disregard those 2. The only level that matters and the one that was judged is the one in the middle called SMOKEY MOUNTAIN.
  12. Here's my other contest entry. It was for the Chocolate Level Design Contest #6 from Spring 2020. You had to make a good level by modifying a Super Mario World ROM any way you wanted. My level is called Smokey Mountain, and you play as Spike. It's a collect-a-thon style level like those old Nintendo 64 games. It still wasn't that great according to the judges, ranking 54th place out of 64, but I think it was a fun experience and something unique. You can read the comments of the judges here.
  13. DOWNLOAD LINK Why play Luna Game when you can play SUPER Luna Game? It's actually called Super because it's on the Super Nintendo. It's a little 5 minute long Super Mario World hack that consists of a single level that I made. It's a level I made for a contest SMWCentral, the Super Mario World hacking website, hosted to see who can make the best Super Mario World level featuring a certain theme, and you're not supposed to put your name in there to avoid favoritism by the judges. The theme was "questionable". You had to make a questionable level. You had to make a weird, unprofessional,
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