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  5. Actually, I'm playing through the Trials of Mana remake on the Nintendo Switch now, and that's certainly the case there. With no mana in the world, magic can't be used, and it takes 1,000 years for the world to build up its mana supply. But, with a system like that, you'd expect magicians to draw power from the world's mana to use magic, which suggests that they can just spam any spells they've learned for as long as they want, but that's not the case. The game does use an Magic Points system where, if you run out of Magic Points, you can't use magic until you've restored Magic Points or
  6. There are a lot of times in My Little Pony where someone evil absorbs the good guys' magic, such as Tirek, the Storm King's staff, Cozy Glow, and Grogar's Bell. When someone's magic is absorbed like this, they're completely exhausted and are barely able to stand. They also can't use magic for the rest of their life or until they somehow get it back. However, in video games such as RPGs, if you run out of magic power or Magic Points, you simply can't cast any more magic. You can still fight, use regular attacks, use items, and walk around like normal. You don't become exhausted or barely a
  7. TomDaBombMLP wrote, "they completely took the spotlight away from the Mane Six and all other characters who we actually had an interest in." So, what's wrong with new characters? The Main 6 were the spotlight for 7 whole seasons. Give another set of 6 characters a turn. What's wrong with focusing on another set of characters? TomDaBombMLP wrote, "The Student Six are annoying, paper-thin, stupid, dimwitted, unfunny twats and aggravating to be around." Can you give some examples please? How and when are they annoying, paper-thin, stupid, dimwitted, and aggravating?
  8. I think I read that a lot of people vehemently hate the School of Friendship and the Student 6. Well, what's bad about them? I actually really like the idea of Twilight Sparkle opening a school of friendship for all sorts of creatures. I mean, Twilight Sparkle first studied friendship, then became the Princess of Friendship, then taught a student about friendship and started spreading friendship to lands outside Equestria. The logical next step would be to make a school where all sorts of creatures to learn about friendship. The students then used this knowledge to save Equestria in the Season
  9. Hello, I'm trying to make some My Little Pony video games. One thing games need is graphics. However, I can't draw for the most part, so I'm going to have to have other people draw for me. I know that there is a requests forum for this type of stuff, but the site seems to encourage only big and major endeavors in there such as full size vectors and signatures. However, a lot of my art requests might be REALLY small. A good artist might be able to complete my requests in, like, 5 minutes, and I might have a LOT of such requests, and I'm afraid that, by continuously making these requests, I'll
  10. I want ideas for attacks for some of the playable characters in a Kirby or Mega Man styled My Little Pony platforming game I'm working on. The characters I want ideas for right now are the Main 6 members and Celestia and Luna. Each of these 8 characters will have 3 forms corresponding to the small, big, and fire forms that Mario normally has, and the attacks of each successive form will have more range and will cover a greater area of the screen or make it harder for the player to get hit since all enemies in the platformer die in one hit. The characters and forms will be as follows. Princes
  11. Hmm, it's very subtle. I wouldn't have been able to tell the difference without that side by side comparison. It looks like the melting effect in the uncensored version is a little more exaggerated. I don't see anything wrong with the uncensored version. I think it looks too similar to the censored version to make an impact.
  12. Huh? What's the difference between that and the scene that appears in the show? And is that fan made?
  13. Yeah, I looked into it, and I think it's fan made. I wish the artist have been more "direct" about it, like saying, "Hey, this is my version of Sci Twi called Powerful Sparkle," and simply uploading a simple image of her before doing anything with her. The origin of this Twilight Sparkle with a blue streak in her hair was difficult to track down. I think it first appeared in a comic. And also, it seems like the only differences between regular Twilight Sparkle and this is a blue streak in her hair, a blue magic aura, and blue stars added to her Cutie Mark. It's not much different from reg
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