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  1. 4 hours ago, twidashfan1234 said:

    i like mlp and rpg games too. i also don't like equestria girls,i don't like the ponies as humans,and the creator of mlp fim does not have any involvement with equestria girls. i have a discord server too,and i would like to see the game your making and what it looks like.

    Well, click here or that link in my signature and come on in!

  2. 10 hours ago, cuteycindyhoney said:

    Sort of related. Ever read Larry Niven's "The Magic Goes Away"?


    Perhaps the magic in Equestria is a finite resource, and gets used up.

    Actually, I'm playing through the Trials of Mana remake on the Nintendo Switch now, and that's certainly the case there. With no mana in the world, magic can't be used, and it takes 1,000 years for the world to build up its mana supply.

    But, with a system like that, you'd expect magicians to draw power from the world's mana to use magic, which suggests that they can just spam any spells they've learned for as long as they want, but that's not the case. The game does use an Magic Points system where, if you run out of Magic Points, you can't use magic until you've restored Magic Points or rested. I guess they just get tired similar to how running for too long makes you tired. My Little pony characters are sometimes visibly tired and out of breath after casting powerful spells, right?

    The concept of "Magic being reliant on the world's supply of mana power" would certainly make sense for the Season 8 finale. The ponies realize that it's getting much harder to cast magic. It's because Cozy Glow is trying to take away the world's mana.

    But this wouldn't explain why, if the pony's magic/life force/essence/whatever it is is absorbed by Tirek, the Bewitching Bell, etc., they can't use magic for the rest of their lives or until they get it back. That certainly shouldn't be the case if they're just going to draw upon the world's mana power. Something else must be at work here. What is it? Maybe it's not magic at all, but something different or something in addition to magic. What would that be, then? Whenever someone's magic/life force/essence/whatever it is, magic or whatever is seen coming out of their bodies and into the villain or artifact, so there's obviously SOMETHING inside them that's enabling them to use magic. Whether it's magic or something else, I don't know. What would that be?

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  3. There are a lot of times in My Little Pony where someone evil absorbs the good guys' magic, such as Tirek, the Storm King's staff, Cozy Glow, and Grogar's Bell. When someone's magic is absorbed like this, they're completely exhausted and are barely able to stand. They also can't use magic for the rest of their life or until they somehow get it back.

    However, in video games such as RPGs, if you run out of magic power or Magic Points, you simply can't cast any more magic. You can still fight, use regular attacks, use items, and walk around like normal. You don't become exhausted or barely able to stand, and you can recover your magic power by resting such as at an inn. You don't lost your ability to cast magic forever. In some games, you recover Magic Points simply by walking around.

    So then why is it that, when ponies' magic is absorbed, they get completely exhausted to the point where they're barely able to stand and lose the ability to use magic forever? That's not what happens in video games! What happens when a pony casts too much magic, then? How do they recover magic power then after casting some magic?

    And what about the Season 8 finale situation? How does everyone's magic, just, get weaker and stop working all at once? Just how does magic work in Equestria?

    Also, is it even magic that these villains are stealing? Queen Chrysalis in Season 9: Episode 8: Frenemies refers to what's being stolen one time as "life force" and another time as "essence".

    I need these questions asked because I want to make a My Little Pony RPG, and I want magic in it to work like how it does in the show.

  4. TomDaBombMLP wrote, "they completely took the spotlight away from the Mane Six and all other characters who we actually had an interest in."

    So, what's wrong with new characters? The Main 6 were the spotlight for 7 whole seasons. Give another set of 6 characters a turn. What's wrong with focusing on another set of characters?

    TomDaBombMLP wrote, "The Student Six are annoying, paper-thin, stupid, dimwitted, unfunny twats and aggravating to be around."

    Can you give some examples please? How and when are they annoying, paper-thin, stupid, dimwitted, and aggravating?

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  5. I think I read that a lot of people vehemently hate the School of Friendship and the Student 6. Well, what's bad about them? I actually really like the idea of Twilight Sparkle opening a school of friendship for all sorts of creatures. I mean, Twilight Sparkle first studied friendship, then became the Princess of Friendship, then taught a student about friendship and started spreading friendship to lands outside Equestria. The logical next step would be to make a school where all sorts of creatures to learn about friendship. The students then used this knowledge to save Equestria in the Season 9 finale. I really like this idea. I ESPECIALLY love the idea of the show diversifying and focusing on creatures other than ponies! I mean instead of 6 ponies, you now have a pony, a Griffon, a Changeling, a Dragon, a Yak, and a Hippogriff. There are more differences between these characters than the Main 6, so there would be even more of a desire for them to put aside their differences to learn about friendship. I understand that Grogar being Discord was VERY poor, and that REALLY pissed me off, but I don't see a problem with a concept of a school of friendship and students that are all different creatures. I think it was a logical next direction to take the show in. So then what's wrong with the School of Friendship and the Student 6?

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  6. Hello, I'm trying to make some My Little Pony video games. One thing games need is graphics. However, I can't draw for the most part, so I'm going to have to have other people draw for me.

    I know that there is a requests forum for this type of stuff, but the site seems to encourage only big and major endeavors in there such as full size vectors and signatures. However, a lot of my art requests might be REALLY small. A good artist might be able to complete my requests in, like, 5 minutes, and I might have a LOT of such requests, and I'm afraid that, by continuously making these requests, I'll clutter up the Requestria forum.

    An example of one such request might be (and I do actually want this done).

    "I have these 2 animation frames of Desktop Ponies Season 1 Luna. Her eyes are open in 1 frame and closed in the other. Can someone add 2 more "in between" frames of the eye closing/opening for a total of 4 eye blinking frames? I'm trying to do it myself, but I just can't do it."


    Are extremely small and trivial requests like these allowed? If so, should I make separate threads for all of my game's minor art requests or make one thread for all of my game's minor art requests?

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  7. I want ideas for attacks for some of the playable characters in a Kirby or Mega Man styled My Little Pony platforming game I'm working on. The characters I want ideas for right now are the Main 6 members and Celestia and Luna. Each of these 8 characters will have 3 forms corresponding to the small, big, and fire forms that Mario normally has, and the attacks of each successive form will have more range and will cover a greater area of the screen or make it harder for the player to get hit since all enemies in the platformer die in one hit. The characters and forms will be as follows.

    Princess Twilight Sparkle (her smaller Alicorn we see for the majority of the show) -> Queen Twilight Sparkle (her adult form we see in the last episode) -> Queen Midnight Sparkle
    depowered Princess Luna -> Princess Luna -> Nightmare Moon
    depowered Princess Celestia -> Princess Celestia -> Daybreaker
    Rarity -> Luna-sized Nightmare Rarity -> Celestia-sized Nightmare Rarity wearing golden armor
    Rainbow Dash -> Shadowbolt Rainbow Dash -> Nightmare Dash (I'm not exactly sure on Rainbow Dash's forms yet.)
    Fluttershy -> Flutterbat -> Nightmare Flutterbat (really dark yellow almost black Celestia-sized Flutterbat)
    Applejack -> Rotten Applejack -> Nightmare Rotten Applejack (I'm not exactly sure on Applejack's forms yet.)
    Pinkie Pie -> Pinkamena -> Nightmare Pinkie Pie (Please, no mature concepts such as blood and knives. Stick to her party themes.)

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  8. Hmm, it's very subtle. I wouldn't have been able to tell the difference without that side by side comparison. It looks like the melting effect in the uncensored version is a little more exaggerated. I don't see anything wrong with the uncensored version. I think it looks too similar to the censored version to make an impact.

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  9. Yeah, I looked into it, and I think it's fan made. I wish the artist have been more "direct" about it, like saying, "Hey, this is my version of Sci Twi called Powerful Sparkle," and simply uploading a simple image of her before doing anything with her. The origin of this Twilight Sparkle with a blue streak in her hair was difficult to track down. I think it first appeared in a comic.

    And also, it seems like the only differences between regular Twilight Sparkle and this is a blue streak in her hair, a blue magic aura, and blue stars added to her Cutie Mark. It's not much different from regular Twilight Sparkle, and some people may think this form actually appeared in the show when it didn't. It looks really cool, though, especially when the blue streak glows.

    Contrast that to my custom version of Twilight Sparkle that I paid someone to draw called Twilight Sparkle Resolute Form. https://derpibooru.org/images/2461659 The horn and mane look drastically different than usual, it's just a simple image not in a comic or anything, and anyone who has seen the Pokémon Keldeo will know that Twilight Sparkle Resolute Form is inspired by one of Keldeo's forms.

    Mods, feel free to move this to the Sugarcube Corner forum. Since everyone now knows this is fan made, I don't think this thread belongs in this forum anymore.

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  10. Hello, I just watched the Dance Magic, Movie Magic, and Mirror Magic Equestria Girls Specials. The second and third ones feature a villain named Juniper Montage. https://derpibooru.org/images/2590921?q=juniper+montage In the third episode, she powers up and looks like this. https://derpibooru.org/images/1679362?q=juniper+monstar The writing involving this character in these episodes, especially her powered up form, is god awful, but I think the design of her powered up from is just so awesome and I really like it! I wanted to see what this form would look like as a pony, but I couldn't really find anything on derpiboru, just 2 images of this form as a pony, and neither are what I was imagining what the pony version of the form would look like. In fact, I couldn't really find any drawings on derpiboru of this form from scratch either. I mostly just found a bunch of screen shots of the episode she appears in rather than actual art. Not only that, but I would also expect to see a lot of images where the form has a big bust, too, and I couldn't really find any of those, either.

    So does anyone even know this character? I keep thinking that the reason why there isn't much art of this character is because she's either super unpopular, super unknown, or both. Am I right? Why isn't there a lot of actual art of this cool-looking form? I want to see more!

  11. Well, you sure are right about one thing. They should have just been able to dodge the orbs, especially while flying and especially after they saw what the orbs did to Cadence. And, yes, what you said would be more "balanced".

    And also, if Celestia and Luna are petrified, who's going to raise the sun and moon??!! If Luna was free, there'd definitely be an answer to that question.

  12. Probably better, that's for sure. I think Luna's also a fan favorite. If she accompanied the Main 6, the fans would go nuts and the movie might have sharply increased sales.

    I hate those orbs as much as you do, see my thread, "If those orbs that the villains throw didn't exist, what would the beginning of the movie be like? How would the adventure get started?".

    I mean, Luna is over 1,000 years old. She shouldn't be killable that easily, and yet the writers created a cheap, bare bones, and unexplained concept that could kill her easily.

  13. 48 minutes ago, King of Canterlot said:

    Meh. She looks a little too much like Nightmare Moon to me, I prefer her pony Midnight Sparkle design instead from EQG-

    Lumic4] Light-Princess Midnight-Sparkle by Light262 on DeviantArt

    I think the ponyfied EQG version of Midnight Sparkle looks much more unique than than the copy-pasted Nightmare Moon version of her :twi:

    Where did you get that picture? I love it!

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  14. On 12/27/2020 at 10:54 AM, Steve Piranha said:

    Sexy anime magician :bedeyes:.


    I love that! I wonder what a pony version of that would look like.

    36 minutes ago, Califorum said:

    I wonder what yall think of this.


    Oh, hey, I saw that on DeviantArt earlier and I love it! I'm following that guy. His art is some of the best My Little Pony art I've seen. And it looks like he's doing that to the rest of the Main 6, too. I personally like this Nightmare Twilight of his more, though. I even paid him once to draw this.

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  15. I haven't watched the show in a while so I might not remember things and I'm autistic and couldn't really understand the above posts because they're a more deep level understanding of the show which I can find difficult to understand, so take my opinion as you will.

    I really like the first 4 seasons. I think they're decently well-written with very few glaring flaws. The last 5 seasons, while I think they introduced some very amazing concepts, they also have some very glaring flaws. If you want me to list some examples, let me know. Maybe these flaws are why people can dislike the last 5 seasons.

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  16. 8 minutes ago, Will Guide said:

    We've already seen in two separate episodes where Rainbow Dash went with Spike (Shadow Play part 1) and Twilight sparkle and Rarity went to the Dragon Land with Spike to Dragonlands (Gauntlet of Fire) and none of them actually wore any armor. In all cases as long as you're not touching the lava you can get close to it without burning or combustion. Convection Schmonvection is what TV Tropes calls it

    Or, offscreen before they left Ponyville, Twilight Sparkle could have cast a fire protection spell on them or Zecora could have made them a fireproof elixir to drink. Right?

  17. I mean, both places are volcanic regions, so should the Dragonlands from My Little Pony have similar properties to Death Mountain from Zelda: Breath of the Wild, namely the super, SUPER high heat to the point where thermometers and temperature detecting spells will fail to get the temperature and the fact that food will instantly start cooking, wood and other flammable materials will start combusting, and explosives will instantly go off? Do you think non dragons will need fire protection such as a fireproof elixir or the effects of a fire protection spell in order to go to the Dragonlands?

  18. I don't mean, like, a horse's tail, but I mean, like, a lizard's tail or a cat's tail where the tail starts out thick and gets thinner and thinner.

    I made this, but how do I make it curve and how do I rotate it and such and still make it look good?


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