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  1. Je sais que je ne répond que Tréééééééééééééééééééééééééésss tard à ça pardon ! ^^" Sinon moi, un espion ? Non, qu'est-ce qui pourrait te faire penser ça ? AVORTEZ LA MISSION D'INFILTRATION, ON A ÉTÉ REPÉRÉ JE RÉPÈTE: REPÉRÉ !!! ... COMMENT ÇA "DÉCLENCHEZ L'OPÉRATION KAMI-CASE "???
  2. 1000 later? for Loose Track? Too late he's alreday (JOKE CANCELLED) But otherwise, is it 1000 years from the past (to the modern times), or later to the future ?
  3. Congratulation @ShadOBabe, your artwork is pretty cool ! I was sure you will win, even if i had my lucks. x) You made something so creative, original and do so well that apart from being on a good level it it could only work. Full respect ! Also I can't hold myself to imagine this like THE PONY OF THE PILLAR. HAYAYAYAAAAAAA...YA !!! Also for all the participants, i want to congrat you too for what you made. ^^
  4. Castle Mane-ia: Batpony of the Night ! x)
  5. Hello there! Here is some of my art about MLP. Enjoy !
  6. Fluttershy bearing the Nightmare Crown evolve to ... Nightmare Fluttershy (or should we say Flutternight) !
  7. Hello there! im Scarlet stellpen (or originaly scarldraw / plume-écarlate), a french artist who seek to join a mlp community ( and my apologies for my english). Before being a fan i was draw some fantasy characters and mystic creature with a tradinionnal-manga style. My favorites univers was Lord Of The Rings, Dongeon&Dragon, Record of Lodoss War, Kingdom Hearts, Drakengard / Nier Gestalt, Berserk and Darksouls. And since, Mlp come to join this personnal pantheon of my (with Lovecraft Hehe x) ) !, and I draw in digital style. My favorite pony is the princess luna I like power metal/rock, celtic/fantasy music and Orchestral/Epic, with jazz and some other style who give a good/funny ambiance. I don't play vidéo game so much, probably because I try to progress in my projects, but i like to play when i find the concept fun or great I like Rp, mostly because i'm a rollist. I haven't do so many Rp on internet, but more in table with some friends. And I hope discover more interesting Rp over here. I do not find so many french mlp community active, and i hope find something alive here to share this passion, and my art with other artist, learn to communicate in english and also overcome my "shyness" of the social network ^^" Its all you have to know... or maybe just one thing more about my oc : We don't know if I'm a earth, a unicorn or a pegasus because I hide my body under my cloak and my hat. (but I assure i'm not an alicorn, no cheat-code for me x) ! ) See you in the forum