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  1. harpy


    Thank you! And yeah I did xP I look forward to getting to know you! Of course! I love pokemon so much, my favorite gen is 5! So far its only been positive! Im so glad the community is always so supportive and friendly <333 Thank you! So far its been great! <33 Thank you! (i took the cookie ) Yeah, it was about time! xP and thank you so very much! I look forward to meeting lots of new people and making some more art! <333
  2. harpy


    Hello everyone! I'm harpy, and joined the MLP forums pretty recently! Though I'm sure a few of you already know me from my requests thread, I never properly introduced myself xP I've been in the MLP fandom since around 2013/2014 I believe, and had a break from the show for quite a while (just kinda fell out of it while waiting for the new episodes D:) I came back after a bit of hesitation, as I was quite unnerved by how universally disliked the fandom is (for some reason) but I decided to ignore that and come back anyways xp A little bit about myself I suppose, I love to draw and want to
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