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  1. No not really, It feels nice to have someone with the same great taste as you.
  2. 40% Fluttershy because I'm shy and I take a long time to open up with somepony new. 30% Starlight Glimmer because I can relate to her doing stupid things and having insecurities about it. 20% Rainbow Dash because I'm really lazy and straightforward even if I'm not sporty like her. The perfect combo!
  3. Magic doesn't work in the hive so even if you free any of the unicorns they won't be able to use their magic to break the others out. Applejack is strong so she can use her bucking skills to destroy the throne and everypony can be saved.
  4. Twilight sparkle: Nebula core Rainbow: Rainbow Bliss Fluttershy: Flutterheart Pinkie Pie: Confetti Swirl Rarity: Lulaquartz Applejack: Goldie Pie
  5. I always thought Rarity never acted like her element. She makes Spike do all her dirty work, and made him give his birthday present to her. Definetely the element of Generousity everyone.
  6. 1. Rainbow Dash 2. Maud Pie 3. Twilight Sparkle 4. Trixie 5. Discord 6. Spitfire 7. Dj pon3 8. Princess Luna
  7. Nope not at all, I do the same thing with my RD plush all the time.
  8. I would do neither of them. I'd break into Twilights castle and go into the portal.
  9. No. I just find Scootaloo plain annoying, and I hate how she made her friends work till late in the episode 'Flight to the finish,' for her own selfish reasons that she couldn't fly.
  10. Rainbow Dash of course! Was there ever a doubt?
  11. Is it what I think it is?
  12. I dislike her, but not to the point to which it becomes hate. She is quite annoying and obnoxious. If you ask me I would say Rarity is the most hated.
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