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  1. I decided to try it with Fluttershy This was done on ms paint, so thats why it looks kind of bland Also I have no idea why the pic came out so small
  2. drew those on ms paint?! Thats impressive! I can't even draw a stick figure on it.
  3. I was a little bit disapointed that Appledash was canon because other ships had way more potential and chemistry.
  4. Applejack was the only one who had good reasons so I'd choose her. The rest of the mane 6's reasons were selfish and mainly for themselves.
  5. Here I'm going to post a few works I've done. There's only one for now, but I'll keep on adding more once they're done. This is a drawing of Starlight glimmer.
  6. I agree, I really don't see the appeal of her.
  7. Just curious because there's alot of people who think some ponies don't deserve their element.
  8. Cadances lean body and complimenting colours is really cute and attractve.
  9. I know the show ended ages ago, but it still hits hard to this day. The finale captured so many emotions and was so heartfelt and emotional. It feels kind of empty and incomplete after finishing all the episodes. To any of you who are feeling the same way, how are you dealing with it?
  10. It doesn't need a season 10 and it shouldn't have. The book closed, Its over. It would kill the purpose of the mlp finale if it went on. As much as it saddens me that the show has departed, sometimes you just gotta let things go.
  11. Dislestia. I find Fluttercord creepy because Discord is like 1000 years old and Fluttershy is a normal pony with a normal lifespan.