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  1. reading the title of the topic, i thought that the content would be slightly different)...
  2. easy. the armed forces of the people've firearms, explosive weapons. however, ponies've magic and many other benefits. but there's no magic that could resurrect a pony. therefore people will win.
  3. happy birthday for me!

  4. i'm a pacifist and don't believe in fantasy. i don't believe in what's impossible from my point of view.
  5. as astronomers've proved a hundred times over, life on other planets of our solar system's IMPOSSIBLE. all more, i don't take into account that Venus's the second planet closest to the Sun. life's not possible there. even in the clouds. most likely this's just another smeared than true ...
  6. buried the body in the backyard of the house...
  7. 500062 five hundred thousand!!! half more and that's it...
  8. welcome! where're you from?
  9. 50/50. on the one hand constantly rains. sometimes cold, sometimes hot. but at the same time it's unrealistically beautiful!