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  1. I had the answers I needed(except for a few), so can you close my thread, please?
  2. For as long as it is sentient AND fictional, rofl. I understand, and it's fine really. Everyone can have their own taste in fiction and etc. People should not conflate fictional 2D(or 3D characters) with real people or creatures.
  3. Agreed, though the reason why I..feel kinda embarrssed to say that I'm a furry is due to fear from backclash from other people in both real life and on the internet. In fact, even here there is some..well, disgusting about furrys here and so on as well, though I understand that the fandom isn't for everyone. Well, I am a huge fan of furry art and fanfic, so..I guess I'm a furry, rofl.
  4. Mild anxiety due to my mental condition(I have OCD, pure O), esp for asking this question which while the answers are informative, some are..well, kinda of offensive.
  5. Thanks for clarification, rofl. Yeah, people don't seem to understand that..well, humans are animals as well, and the reason why bestiality is wrong is the same reason why pedophilia is wrong; both non-human animals and children can not able to consent whatsoever, so it's quite obvious by now that it can never be mutual whatsoever. Equestrian ponies are not real except in our own imagination and fantasies, and they're sapient which are obviously have nothing to do with our real life animals and so on. Sad to read that some people here propagate the same kind of hate against bronies and etc really from "normies" since they too dislike bronies as a whole for being degenerates in forums like Kiwi Farms and etc. I do love animals, but obviously not in a sexual or romantic kind of way, but rather in a similar reasoning why people find say dogs cute and adorable, and they want to care for them which is why I'm a vegetarian, against climate change and etc. Somewhat of a hippie, yeah, but..I'm happy.
  6. Yeah. There are fandoms that still continue to exist even if the particular franchise that they like is decades old. It's obvious that the fandom won't be as popular as it was back in the early 2010's, but I want to stay away from media outlets and etc. I like the peace and quite better.
  7. Aren't we all? It's as if being a brony isn't weird to the rest of society as a whole, rofl. And besides all that, it's all fictional..fantasy in our own imagination. I don't have any sexual feelings towards real life animals. The best post I've read all day, rofl. -__- for god's sake, they're fictional creatures. No, they're not. And besides all that, we humans are animals as well, so I don't get this idea of us being so different from animals besides being sapient which is why bestiality is not right due on the fact that non-human animals don't have the mental capacity to consent and etc. In the evolutionary perspective, we're apes, primates, mammals and etc, and we belong to the kingdom, Animalia, like other animals.
  8. So, all in all, it's fine to have such inter-species relationships for as long as they're sentient in fiction, correct?
  9. Mind if you check my thread, please?


  10. Sure, but Mass Effect for example don't have such explanation and so on, and the relationship is simply between your main character, Shepard, and whatever alien companion you feel like to have romance with besides some. I mean..aren't say beasts for example are basically non-sapient animals while we humans aren't because we're sapient thus we can consent which real life animals couldn't, right?
  11. I see. Well, I just wanted opinion if it's wrong of me to day dream in such a fictional universe and scenarios in the first place say between humans and the sapient ponies of Equestria or the Mobians here for example.
  12. I know..I just feel worried about these things, you know? From other people I mean. Well, I do love romance between say humans and non-humans, but not with non-sapient animals obviously but rather say aliens and etc, you know?
  13. Can't say I have..except those who like gory stuff against ponies *shivers*.