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  1. 1. YOU HATE MATHS?! How could you!! i hate you for hating maths XD 2. JK i dont hate you. tbh im like 5 years late XD. my question is.. Why is RD your favourite pony
  2. Rainbow dash, Why are you so cute but reckless?
  3. Pinkamena, why are you so UGLY?! JK! Pinkamena, Do you like your fun self or hate you fun self? Why did you turn rainbow dash into cupcakes? Why are you a physco?! Pinkamena your cute. I GUESS
  4. ''its needs to be about 20% cooler'' ''he's coming, act casual..'' 1 second later.. ''Sup'' ''What would she do without us?! Let me think.. OH IM ABSOLUTELY DOOMED DARLING DOOOOMED'' (well i think thats what it was XD) ''This chair, not clothes'' ''are you writing this down?'' ''Scootaloo, Maybe you'll fly one day, maybe not, but your all type of awesome anyways'' ''Remember miss Harshwhinny, Professionally'' Ok, so i dont know if this one counts, but its from the G3 rainbow dash who had rarity's personality at that time, from the episode A very minty Christmas. All of the ponies except rainbow dash: ''Its a note!!'' Rainbow dash literally 1 second later: ''It's a note darling''
  5. Sadly the only solo song RD had was I'll fly, unless if Awesome as i wanna be,chs rally, and time to be awesome counts
  6. AJ: Cowboy hat. RD: shades Rarity: dresses xD Twilight: UHHHH idk xD. Fluttershy: Uhh a fox hat? xD Pinkie: The silliest outfit she could ever find.
  7. Yep, Used to be Twilight then somehow changed to RD. Lol me and you both ig, Twilight was also my first favourite main 6 pony, but then turned to rainbow dash.
  8. Yeah, exactly what i thought it would be, though im not surprised since even people who has never watched the show before knows about her and because she has WAY more merchandise then the rest of the mane 6 and because in 2011 when you asked someone who is their favourite pony 95% of the time the only name you would get is RD. i wasn't surprised about AJ being least searched either, since she was being called a background pony ALOT
  9. Well, if twilight became a princess from changing back cutie mark's from using the elements, does that mean starlight deserves to be a alicorn too for switching the princesses cutiemarks with just HER OWN MAGIC?! But yeah, Twilight did deserve to become a alicor
  10. 1. Rainbow Dash because she's so loyal, cute, awesome, cool and can be funny at times. 2. Pinkie Pie Because she's so funny and i love her personality (Forgot to mention i love RD's personality aswell) and pinkie is also so adorable. 3. Twilight Because she is such a great leader and main character and has some of the funniest faces in the show. 4. Fluttershy. I do like her, but not like the other 3, though fluttershy is alot cuter then the other's, and she's really kind, which is what i love about her. 5. Applejack. I don't really like applejack, i guess i dislike her, she's just not really interesting to me, though she does deserve more love then all of the other ponies. 6. Rarity. I just HATE and when i say HATE i mean HATE rarity, yes hate is a strong word, but i really do hate her, she's really selfish at times, like in sleepless in ponyville she literally made sweetie belle carry everything and the poor filly was literally struggling and sweating. Edit: Omg, my thing didnt turn out how i wanted it to.. ill just explain it again just no reason why i love/hate them. 1. rainbow dash. 2. pinkie 3. twilight. 4. fluttershy 5. applejack 6. rarity
  11. Because its basically just Mysterious mare do well basically all over again, like in MMDW the mane 5 excluding rainbow dash said bragging isn't right, and what do they do? basically go brag about MDW in sugar cube corner and basically just stopped RD from being a hero and doing what she wanted to do. In 28 Pranks later, they basically did the same, all she did was PRANK ponies and they literally stopped her by SCARING her to death, and yeah i guess RD was out of character in 28 pranks later, and thats all she needed when she literally accomplished her dreams and got called RC. (Rainbow Crash)
  12. lol, this actually made me laugh, usually people reference AJ as the background pony, so you actually knowing who AJ was and not fluttershy was rare XDD. Don't blame you though, lol.
  13. Mane 8, i just like having alot of mane characters, also Starlight and spike are almost in every episode nowadays.
  14. 1: Rainbow Dash 2: Starlight 3: Sunset shimmer 4: Sunburst 5: Lyra 6: A changeling if that counts, if not then Gilda.