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    以诚相待,做好自己。Treat each other sincerely and do yourself well.
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    PC游戏(荒野行动 NetEase Knives Out),音乐(纯音乐和英文歌曲)。PC games (NetEase Knives Out), music (pure music and English songs).

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  6. I think the most important thing is to treat, not to talk about "useless". If you go to the hospital, it is recommended that you wear goggles and N95 mask. I did the same thing when the epidemic was serious, and I felt very nervous. I hope you and your family will be safe. I got it! China has also developed a vaccine, but it is in the second stage. Same, it may take a long time to use it on everyone. You must pay attention to protection and try to stay away from the crowd. I hope you'll be OK.
  7. I've heard of that. It happened in US. I think those people are ignorant. I hope they can respond in time and cooperate with the epidemic prevention work. My school canteen is still crowded with a lot of people, I try to keep away from them. But once there is a risk, it is inevitable. I hope that doesn't happen.
  8. It happened in China, too. People can't stay at home. Once upon a time, some people continued to operate chess and card rooms, and some irregular Internet cafes were also opened. A lot of people went there, and they didn't do any protection. The government ordered a strict investigation of these illegal businesses. This has also brought a lot of trouble to the epidemic prevention work. Gradually, all over China began to attach importance to it. On public transport, everyone should wear masks as required, otherwise they will not be allowed to ride. It's the same in shopping malls and supermarkets. Hope we can get through the difficulties together, come on! That was great. The epidemic prevention work in your hometown is very good, so it will be safe.
  9. I heard that the vaccine has been developed. Is this used in UK? Has the cure rate of UK improved significantly? The medical level of UK is very developed. I believe you must have a way.
  10. It seems that the epidemic has affected your work. I hope this can be controlled.
  11. How is your family? Now, there are also asymptomatic infections in China. And that brings panic again. But going out is inevitable, even if we wear masks, we may not be able to get complete protection. I'm here, too. But in a few, there are still dangers. Be careful.
  12. Sorry, it may be because my language habits lead me to take an inappropriate title. You are right. Thank you for your help. I don't fully understand the division of the forum. I'm sorry to give you trouble. I'll pay attention to it next time. You are serious about your work, you are my example!
  13. It's better for your mother to get better. I can feel your mood at this time. You can't get close to your mother, it makes you feel bad sometimes. I believe that God will protect your mother, your mother will recover!
  14. Thanks for the follow.

    As a Disney and Nintendo fan in addition to My Little Pony, I would love to answer any questions about them

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      OK, if I have problems, I will ask you.:yay: