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  1. Octavia's Cellozoid

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    I agree! Mine was purple for three months before I settled on this ^^ Awh, thank you!
  2. Octavia's Cellozoid

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    So many beautiful people ;3;
  3. Octavia's Cellozoid

    A Re-Introduction of Sorts

    My Favourite Mane 6 Pony: Twilight Sparkle How did you find MLP Forums?: I found this site through my brother as I entered Bronydom, and resided here from 2012 to mid to late 2013, when I had to leave due to school and family related issues. How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: My cousin, sister, and I were goofing off once and looking through old toys when we found a very old MLP toy from a previous generation; we joked around and looked into an episode expecting what we saw as toddlers, but found MLP FiM and were captivated. Well, I am currently a freshman in highschool, I have crazily dyed androgynous cut hair and am part of an 'outcast' group of people. I really like to draw (I run an instagram account dedicated to my doodles, actually; yay for media sharing!) I have a few cats, and really adore reptiles. I quite enjoy watching cooking shows (Chopped Collection, Good Eats with Alton Brown, etc.), Doctor Who (I have NOT seen the newest season, please no spoilers in this thread!), MLP (obviously o3o), Futurama, Chuck, Psych, things like that. My favorite movie is and always will be Forrest Gump. I dabble ever so lightly in non-serious gaming; I have played most of the games in the Pokemon chain, as with the Kirby chain as well, I have beaten Castle Crashers multiple times (and other similar xbox games), a few pc games but did not excel in any, and dozens of small indie games for ps3 and xbox. I also tend to be rather kickass at Super Smash Bros c: I really adore reading; especially novels by Stephen King and various YA authors (two favorites happen to be David Levithan and Brian Farrey). I am currently reading The Shining, and will be reading Doctor Sleep next. As for classes I enjoy, I like choir, Spanish, and chemistry quite a lot c: I have a particular interest in meteorological sciences. A note as to the need for a reintroduction; I have been gone quite a long time, and I was a much different person when I left, so I felt it appropriate to introduce myself ^^' I apologize if this is pushing at a rule or stepping on toes!
  4. Octavia's Cellozoid

    Massive Art Swap Thread:

    I've decided that i will be redrawing the majority of what I drew for people here, mostly because my style when I was 13 was atrocious ^^' Expect a large dump of well-deserved doodles in a few days~
  5. Octavia's Cellozoid

    Massive Art Swap Thread:

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/l60wnplo910n828/Schnuppe.png?dl=0 hopefully this link works Q.Q I apologize for the sloppiness, it's just a warm up doodle. I'll make something fuller next time ^^
  6. Octavia's Cellozoid

    Massive Art Swap Thread:

    eh hey look who's back here it's the me
  7. Octavia's Cellozoid

    Is crying a sign of weakness or strength?

    Crying is NOT a sign of weakness, in my opinion: I cry when I'm stressed out. Having trouble with a test? I cry. Get yelled at for something I didn't do? I cry. Being lectured? I cry. You get the point. And it's not voluntary, it just happens. My natural reaction to stress is to cry. It's the same thing when I go through one of my anxiety bouts, I just cry. I hate it when people assume I'm just a crybaby; I'm not. It's not under my own control. I hate it when people look at me with that whole, 'Oh, you poor thing,' look, and when people assume I'm trying to manipulate them. If I'm crying, I just wish people would ignore it.
  8. Octavia's Cellozoid

    Can Anypony on the Forums Rap?

    I don't necessarily /rap/, but I can easily spit out the raps to most of Macklemore's songs (not impressive, I know :/) and I can do the rap to 20% Cooler by Ken Ashcorp.
  9. Octavia's Cellozoid

    Holly Wayland

    Holly Wayland
  10. Octavia's Cellozoid

    What color is your aura?

    I got orange ^^ I may have rushed the quiz though, so I'll probably go back and take it a little later.
  11. Octavia's Cellozoid

    Visual Art Tavi's January Mini-Dump

    yup yup. Tavi decided to pop back in for an art dump... I am aware that the Vaporeon has a derped cheek. get over it c: anyways... I was wondering if any of you had any thoughts on me opening tag commissions like these? And if I did, how much would you pay for them? // this topic is subject to editing when I make more art to dump, though chances are I will be making another dump at the end if this month //
  12. Octavia's Cellozoid

    Ever had "these" kids in your school?

    there's the (ridiculous) "popular" groups; one being a bunch of jocks and the other being a bunch of girls who think they're better than you. Then there's the awkward kids, which is almost everyone. then comes me. the group that's kind of like, oh hai thar, we like geckos and books, and two of us know Taekwondo, so nobody really messes with us unless they're really upset or don't know what we could do to them if we wanted to. we'd never hurt a fly, though. an then the ... I don't know how to put this nicely... mentally challenged/physically conditioned group that has extra adults following them. you know, the misunderstood sweethearts. oh. I forgot the younger grades who think they're better than you. yeah... sas sing back and mocking you when you stand up for a friend who is in their grade and is younger than you? yeah. them. that's it
  13. Just so you know, Feather Gem's post didn't have a picture of a pony
  14. Octavia's Cellozoid

    The Button

    I'm sorry I'm randomly jumping in on this, but seriously, man? Seriously. It doesn't matter how seriously Dashey was taking you, somebody was going to have to take the initiative to try to get you to see how stupid it is to take this question seriously. And I could use the logic you are trying to use here. You have to be taking Dashey seriously there, because you had such a long, serious response. See how stupid this shit sounds? Quite honestly, I think you need to calm down and do what PewDiePie does; look at some kitten pictures. They are fucking adorable and are perfect for calming down. This is the fucking Internet, buddy, things are going to upset you. But, unless it is a HUGE issue or nothing at all, don't post if you don't agree! All it does is create negative conversation. Take a chill pill. Look at all the silly responses and try to see the light of fun in them. This thread was made for laughs, not criticism Also; this community does not simply embrace the, and I can quote this from you, "hipster element". Sure, the way Dashey put it might seem like it, but it's the freaking truth. I can quote my sister here, too. "Cahlm down, brah, arguin ain't so wandahfahl" She's very silly. Translation "Calm down, bro, arguing isn't very wonderful." And with that, FAREWELL, farewell to you, very opinionated, stubborn person