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  1. basically, i noticed that i had made a single full body shot of cursed fate and it was outdated. i've gotten sorta used to the mlp style so it's a bit better i think, also modified certain things above is the remastered version. and bellow is the old one, which i made when i stopped being a closet brony, although i'm still sorta closed about it i feel like it was a necessary update, because like, i'm more and more thinking about how to do that comics i'm planning on making someday, if i don't procrastinate that is, and like, seeing full shots of character is sorta necessary
  2. sorry i'm aswering quite late, but i was trying to figure out how to respond The thing is, i don't want to give away to many infos as i really want to release a full story about it, so like, I might be a bit paranoid but it already hapened, having art stolen, and i don't wanna take too much risk here, i hope you understand, maybe it sounds silly but yeah, i'm somewhat scared to give away too much infos as of now
  3. well, technically he's not an alicorn that's an early design from when got the courage to draw mlp stuff, hence the terrible quality. Some of the things have been changed for the better and i perhaps should redo this specific drawing but updated. and about him not being an alicorn even tho he appears to have wings well, they aren't, it's complicated, i have a full story for it.
  4. thank you! I'll try to keep on practicing, if i wanna make a comic i'll have to get better I'll see if i have a full drawing, i don't think i have any tho, it's always cut to the chest or facing front since i'm not really good at mlp style, I'll respond to you again if i find one that could give you an idea
  5. well after designing the basic aspects of my oc, i noticed that the body could very well be the same as her, so like, he has a similar look also long hairs because it's cool i've googled it and i get what you mean

    1. CypherHoof


      The power of Bran, working though you....

  7. this was the first try in a while and it's vastly inspired by celestia in the mlp movie, wasn't planning on trying out more things then, like, the day after i decided to try and make a bruh face, ended up doing a smug one this abomination was a try at making an even more smug face, turned out weird, idk what this expresses last one, disgust, so i looked at what disgust was like because i had no idea and damn, so many facial muscles are active on that expression annyway that's all have a nice day
  8. As some commented, it's quite possible that she does it all alone or with the help of starlight, or any other pony really. The medallion or I don't remember how it's named helps the raising of both moon and sun so that's a wrap for that. But the dream surveillance is harder to think about. Three situations First: she takes on all those tasks all alone, and when we saw how tired Luna or Celestia were after doing their shift, this seems impossible as she also now has a greater kingdom than ever before. Second option: Luna still does the dream surveillance as this would greatly help twi
  9. On the subject of redrawing your OC, I think your main challenge is drawing the expression, such as getting a cute smile or a cute surprised look. Often such designs come from adjusting eyes, nose, mouth at a very delicate precision, often almost invisible to see. You might need to redraw parts over and over again until you find a sweet spot.

    I have read a few French-Belgium comics in the past, and finding expressions and inspiration from other sources than MLP is a great tactics. Same goes for French-Japanese Anime.

    My own OC is inspired by many different Animes/Manga/games, but most of those sources don't include cuteness by default. It is when you start mixing in cuteness onto otherwise great designs that normally aren't cute, that you can find something special.


    This is my reply to your topic, so I don't bump my 10000 post count


    1. Cursed-Fate


      Yeah, I thought about that problem, my characters are often dead serious and getting a cute or otherwise not so serious expression is a challenge. My own style is considered by some as the edge of realism. I do find their statement to me extremely exaggerated but it does point out to the 'serious' problem haha puns. Anyway yes, I'll try to get inspirations from over things to understand how facial expressions really work. I also have an other problem which is totally unrelated to the lines: the colours. I always have a hard time shading even if mlp isn't the most shaded universe, but not talking only about shades, my colour palette seems off. Mlp is vibrant if that's something you can say, and my characters are....plain? My response is getting long. I thank you lots:kindness: it's giving me new ideas:squee:

    2. Splashee


      I have never been good with colors myself. I have learnt just a few years ago to adjust most colors at a late stage, as long as each colored object is in its own layer, you can use tools such as Hue/Saturation to change brightness and darkness, saturation (can pop out the color, make it brighter than others), and even swap the entire color spectrum (red becomes blue, or green becomes yellow). However, shades are limits to the colors you drew the shades in, so they might not be the same quality. That is of course fixed by having shades in separate layers as well.

      Drawing everything in its own layer, even sketches, makes easier to adjust very small details, to get that perfect cuteness, and helps with colors as well.

  10. Yeah, I understand that my response was poorly formulated. Thanks
  11. Ohhh right, I should focuse on some parts yeah thanks for the idea
  12. So I should be able to like, have all the general elements that makes mlp and that corresponds to the style partly, but not necessarily entirely. Ok it might be better this way, I'll try to progressively reach that point thanks
  13. I don't actually know, bit I know peoples who live there. So wherever they are there. Although all the big cities like new York San Francisco and so are must see Mostly lichtenfels Hamburg and Berlin. Of course there are other towns but my memory is....yeah
  14. Greetings so questions hmmm I have visited many cities, although I don't always remember, well I have a bad memory anyway, I'll try to recite a few. Beaumont, Dijon, st George de Didone, Barcelone errr...... Yeah I can't remember but basically many in Bretagne et in the south. Tho I've also visited plenty of towns in my region. And what's my fav? Hmm I can't tell sorry, but if it's talking about memory worth place, it'd have to be a town in Bretagne I went last summer with friends, it's a shame I don't remember the name of it I have visited Germany a number of times, Spain once and th
  15. I now possess blender and golly, i wasn't suspecting such an high difficulty:sealed:

    3d models are off the list i guess:sealed:

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