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  1. Thanks for the follow, bubbly.

  2. just when I thought I had some free time, we got understaffed at work and I've been picking up shifts, and now classes have started early :Thorax: oh well

  3. I didn't like the show's g4 version of Minty they put in that short, so I made my own! she's my favorite pony from g3


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    2. Flying Pencil
    3. bubbleteapony
    4. 75ponii


      so cute! the mane is drawn so well and the colors work PERFECTLY an extremely well made redesign! :pinkie:

  4. ooo I like the layout formatting update! looks nice and clean

    1. Califorum


      Yeah it looks really nice. How are you?

    2. Flying Pencil

      Flying Pencil

      It looks great

    3. bubbleteapony


      @CaliforumIm good, thanks! busy with work atm

  5. here's some twilight sparkle drawings :BrightMacContent: this is my headcanon for her deign - first is after she becomes a princess, second is after she becomes ruler of equestria!



    1. ExplosionMare


      These are 1000 times better than the canon versions!

    2. bubbleteapony
    3. ExplosionMare
  6. ok, doctor whooves' mane and tail have finally been removed (no it hasn't taken me THIS long, i just had to take a long break in customizing because of finals and black friday/holiday shifts) so today I'm going to try and sculpt the mane, tail, and scarf!

  7. I'm finally back!!

    Just finished up moving out of my apartment (last day only took 9 hours /s) and passed all my finals+classes. I'm starting on a new mlp custom that's going to be my OC, Marshal Mellow that I'll post pictures of once I get going :BrightMacContent: I'm using an old chewed up doctor whooves toy, and his mane is reeeeaaally hard to get off :please:

    1. ExplosionMare


      Good luck with your OC, I’m sure it’ll look great! Also, glad to have you back!

    2. bubbleteapony


      @ExplosionMare thank you, I'm happy to be back!

    3. ExplosionMare
  8. oh, and also: i might be moving across the country. Whenever a vaccine rolls around so we can safely fly on an airplane (I personally would be ok with motel-hopping, but that's also... not the safest health-wise lol)

    Although one of the things I'm not super ok with is having to leave my car behind, meaning it'll probably get handed down to my sister. I don't really trust her with it even though she drives ok, it's just my car is special :Thorax:

    1. ExplosionMare


      Good luck on your travels and stay safe :kindness:

  9. bubbleteapony

    Make a Griffin

    yes these are.... a very loose definition of gryphon, lol. thought it sounded better than "monster" or "hybrid"
  10. bubbleteapony

    Make a Griffin

    simple game, but can be a fun one. basically, you take your: 1) favorite animal 2) first pet (if you've never owned one, choose a friend's or family's. by first pet I mean first one you got, not one your family already had before you were born) 3) favorite color The head/upper half of the griffin is your favorite animal If your first pet was a cat or dog, the horse half is a thoroughbred If you first pet was a bird, the horse half is a friesian If your first pet was a reptile or amphibian, the horse half is a draft If your first pet was a barnyard/farm a
  11. i'm back for a bit, wooo

    my life right now is finals, working holiday hours, and moving out, so there's almost zero room for free time. hopefully things clear up by the end of the month

    1. ExplosionMare


      Good luck with all the things you have to do and take care of :kindness:

    2. bubbleteapony
  12. oh yeah, the great seedling /definitely/ is up there for best designs in the show. As for spike, i really feel they were going for a like "look, he grew up to be buff and manly looking like how he fantasized!" which.... idk. his body is fine, but i don't like his face very much. his lower jaw is just too big for me lol
  13. Happy kindness day! One of my favorite episodes (and songs) in all of FIM is "May the Best Pet Win"! Such a cute and fun episode, def one of the classics for me As for fuzzy friends, I have many, but here's the fluffiest one, Cherry the silkie rooster!
  14. can commissionees please not get rid of their characters before I've finished their commission :/ or even been able to start on it. if the link to your character no longer exists i can't.... do your commission

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    2. Flying Pencil

      Flying Pencil

      Why would anyone even do that. It doesn't make any logical sense

    3. EpicEnergy


      That must be very annoying for you.

    4. bubbleteapony


      @ExplosionMare @Emerald Heart @Flying Pencil @EpicEnergy


      it's bothersome! I got it sorted out this time, but if someone gives away their oc before I'm done with the commission, I'm not gonna change the commission. Which has unfortunately happened before :scoots: i understand losing attachment but why spend money on a character you don't want to keep?

  15. I would love to see Sunburst and Moondancer interact, they're both similar levels of nerd-y and antisocial that I think they'd get along
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