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Everything posted by bubbleteapony

  1. oh yeah, the great seedling /definitely/ is up there for best designs in the show. As for spike, i really feel they were going for a like "look, he grew up to be buff and manly looking like how he fantasized!" which.... idk. his body is fine, but i don't like his face very much. his lower jaw is just too big for me lol
  2. Happy kindness day! One of my favorite episodes (and songs) in all of FIM is "May the Best Pet Win"! Such a cute and fun episode, def one of the classics for me As for fuzzy friends, I have many, but here's the fluffiest one, Cherry the silkie rooster!
  3. can commissionees please not get rid of their characters before I've finished their commission :/ or even been able to start on it. if the link to your character no longer exists i can't.... do your commission

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    2. Flying Pencil

      Flying Pencil

      Why would anyone even do that. It doesn't make any logical sense

    3. EpicEnergy


      That must be very annoying for you.

    4. bubbleteapony


      @ExplosionMare @Emerald Heart @Flying Pencil @EpicEnergy


      it's bothersome! I got it sorted out this time, but if someone gives away their oc before I'm done with the commission, I'm not gonna change the commission. Which has unfortunately happened before :scoots: i understand losing attachment but why spend money on a character you don't want to keep?

  4. I would love to see Sunburst and Moondancer interact, they're both similar levels of nerd-y and antisocial that I think they'd get along
  5. my collection of very tiny pinkie pie's

    they come from juice bottles and chocolate packs I find at gas stations lol, my roommate and i made a point to look for them every time we're in one so we can add to our collection. so far pinkie pie is the most common to get so that's why i have so many? i would really like a twilight

    but anyways, my very little ponies :eager: with a bubble tea for scale, she's the size of the brushable models

    Photo on 11-9-20 at 10.55 AM.jpg

    1. bubbleteapony


      also sorry for the laptop photo, i still don't have a phone to take proper pictures :/ 

    2. EpicEnergy


      Nice collection! And I hope you are able to get a new phone soon! :fluttershy:

    3. bubbleteapony


      @EpicEnergy thank you! im gonna pick up my sister's old phone tomorrow :)

  6. i just got the rest of the books in the dark crystal series!! so excited to read them, the first one was so good. kinda desperate for more dark crystal stuff since the show got cancelled. thanks netflix :dry:

  7. welp my phone is permanently broken now. no apps or texting for me indefinitely :yeahno: this won't be great for my insta art accounts

    1. Flying Pencil

      Flying Pencil

      I'm sorry your phone broke, hope you get a new one

    2. bubbleteapony


      @Flying Pencil

      thanks, I'm gonna be borrowing my sister's old one, which is probably.... close to ten years old now, rip. but at least it has a charging port AND a headphone jack!

  8. wowee, here we go... -got a big scar going all the way across the side of my knee from when i was 4 and got sliced by a wicker basket -busted my head open at age 7 by a fast-closing metal door -busted my head open at age 3 cause I laughed too hard, fell off my chair, and hit my browbone on a metal dog bowl (now i have a cool edgy eyebrow scar!) -fell off a stage and landed palm-first on a bolt sticking out of the ground meant wrapping cords around -fell off a yoga ball and landed on my pinkie finger (never actually got it treated cause my mom didn't believe me when I said I hurt it, it was purple and blue for a week or two) -dog dropped a cow thigh bone on my foot and prob cracked my toe bones, def cracked my toenails those are all the big ones I remember? i think thats it for all my kid-aged ones. at least before i turned 13
  9. made a custom of bubble tea cause I had so much fun making Firefly :eager: there's certainly a learning curve with these things, and I'm gonna have to try to get my hands more steady, but otherwise yay! next up is gonna be a brushable Minty!




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    2. Sherbie-kun <3

      Sherbie-kun <3

      @bubbleteapony You're very welcome (oh, ok :) Just wasn't sure about her pronouns)

    3. Flying Pencil

      Flying Pencil

      Awesome job

    4. EpicEnergy


      You did a fantastic job! :grin:

  10. I'm a scorpio! and a tiger in the chinese zodiac. i believe my moon and rising are also scorpio
  11. I personally would love to see cloudchaser again, and if they bring back any from older generations, I'd really love to see minty! I'm a bit thrown off by the fact they said "computer animated" for the movie... most animation is done on computers nowadays. Can't tell whether they mean 2d like the fim movie or CG? I'd prefer if it weren't cg
  12. while it would make more sense with yellow instead of green because red/blue/yellow are the primary colors, I think it's because green stands out a little bit more and doesn't have a "personality" assigned to it? generally with these trios it doesn't fit to have a "yellow, happy, bubbly" personality attached to them (usually reserved for the girls, eyeroll). or it's just because yellow is a bright and distracting color
  13. ugh, this is probably one of the worst weeks I've ever had. I'm fine ... but jeez louise. enough is enough :scoots:

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    2. Flying Pencil

      Flying Pencil

      I'm sorry that your week wasn't good, I hope it gets better

    3. bubbleteapony


      @ExplosionMare surprisingly, election results are now the least of my worries :awwthanks: the covid results should come in today, and we'll find out, just crossing my fingers there's nothing wrong. and yeah, gonna start putting some extra distance between me and his brother, this is the third time he's had a covid scare while the rest of us are still at none :dry:

    4. ExplosionMare



      Yikes! I hope the rest results are good 🤞🏻

  14. depends, I do get angry if they start going on about how "weird" or "creepy" it is (namely thinking about mlp g3 here :/ ). just cause you didn't like it as a kid doesn't mean it's not bad media. it's just rude to insult someone's childhood interest they have emotional ties to
  15. i finished my Firefly custom mlp doll! for my first custom, I think she turned out pretty good!

    I used acrylics and alcohol markers




  16. composing music! also scrubbing the bathroom, yay
  17. I'm def a mood snacker. Basically any negative mood I have you'll fine me eating; the serotonin receptors in my stomach are more sensitive than average so I guess that's why
  18. ok, things are finally winding down... i have time to make art again :) first i'll get through commissions and then I'll get back to the create a pony thread :BrightMacContent:

  19. do you have any sort of favorite foods/bands/songs?
  20. it's a naga pony, very unique! I like the red/blue/yellow primaries color palette
  21. new icon, made by me of bubble tea's dragon form :coco:

    1. Flying Pencil

      Flying Pencil


    2. EpicEnergy


      That's cool! :grin:

  22. I dislike vegans who align themselves with peta. none of them have any idea of what they're talking about, they've never owned a barnyard animal in their lives yet act like they're saviors for saying domestic animals should be released into the wild? domestic animals that aren't equipped to live in the wild or be feral? also saying garbage like "backyard chickens are unethical cause they're forced to lay year round and get their babies taken from them/sheep need their wool/bees will die without 100% of their honey/calves aren't allowed to drink milk from their mothers" which is all just untrue. they also get really aggressive as if that's gonna make anyone listen to their misinformation of course, regular vegans themselves are alright. just don't bother me about it lol. i eat kosher, but I love poultry meat, but i don't eat my own chickens and they're very spoiled, leave me alone also, I hate when they argue that it's closer to our "natural diet". it's not, and if we really wanted to be natural we'd be eating bugs, so
  23. rewatching angel beats with my roommate! and also feeding old tomatoes to the chickens. they go ham for those, one of the teenage roosters has no fear is stealing them from the big top rooster
  24. I have to totally agree here... i get they're teenage dragons and are gonna look lanky? but the puppet-styled animation the show uses doesn't really do them justice. frogmen describes them pretty well I don't like future twilight and spike either. Not sure why they gave spike a chin like that .... and twilight is pretty much a recolor of celestia. she just doesn't look good with that model and hair style, she's too.... flashy i guess