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  1. "Alright, ponies, morale is low and we need plans!" The black kirin's tail swished behind her with interminable animation. "Now, I know most-" she glanced at a clipboard in her hoof "- all of you are new here, (damn commission can't send me experienced subjects, it seems), but fret not, for I, the magnificent Mandala, shall be your guiding star through the darkness of the unknown. so, who's with me!?" She thrusts her hoof up into the air, striking a pose that was at once inspiring and strangely alluring- in an entirely inappropriate way, to the less pure minds. It must have been the way her lab coat parted down the sides of her flanks, just enough to- ------------ Hello! I had an idea to try and start a larger scale roleplaying server for advanced literate roleplayers in a T1 MLP AU set in the distant future of an alien world. Unfortunately, I seem to lack the skills and/or patience to properly advertise, so I'm taking another approach to this little project of mine: picking up players little by little. The ultimate goal is to piece together my world from the perspectives of multiple people in small, isolated sections of my world. When everything is to my liking, I'd merge all the seperate roleplays together into a single shard, then see how things go from there. For now, though, I need feedback. I need to find a working hook and a dedicated playerbase. Don't worry, I have [a] competent mod on my team rn that can handle some of the more technical stuff, although more professional help is not discouraged. If you have any ideas you'd like to share, or any questions, please contact me. If you'd really like, you can also respond to this post with your own IC response. It'll give me a good idea of how you roleplay.
  2. My favorite is Aisede, although I also got by Foxtrot. Aisede is yoruba for "Inconsistency" which defined me well.
  3. Amidst the haz'd peaks so crowned In glory of days pas't 'n gone Veiled in Spectres of days old Wreathed in tragic joys 'a gold Harmony reins in grasps bygone Seekers agait on hooves so bold. ~ Tail End, Harmony scribe. Requiem is a world divided, the forces of Harmony and The Dominion locked in an eternal struggle to secure the Pyramid at the center of The City of Angels. Blood stains these derelict streets- of friend, of foe, and of those who only seek refuge from the clashing waves of titans. Will you side with Latóm and join her harmonic Cause, brining salvation to these forsaken souls? Or will you crush all hope of rebellion under the iron heel of Dominion reign, glutted on wine and luxury with a hoof on the backs of those too weak to stand? Perhaps you will choose neighter sanctum nor supremacy, but instead meke out a life on the Outer Ring, far from it all as you till the barren land and drink the drunken sun. Whatever your cause, whatever your creed, you can find the next step here. So come, join me in this growing world, and make of it what you will ~ What we have: • A new but growing world: still in its beta phases (as of 11/21/2020), the world is largely barren but full of potential. The intention is to gather up enough players to establish some sort of baseline- from there, everything else should fall into place. • Detailed lore and settings: The Dominion and Harmony ar just the tip of the iceberg. Other factions will come and go as the story unfolds and players develop the world around them as they see fit. This is a world of your making as much as mine, and we expect you to create unhindered. Wanna build a cottage in the dead woods? Go right ahead. Wanna start an ambitious construction project in The Dominion? I'm sure we can work something out. • Competent staffing: Now I'm not insulting anybody out there, I know some people put a lot of time and effort into their creations, but some places... Well, they could use a more articulate hand. This place runs off the hard work of my (actually rather limited) staffing, although leading positions are always open and encouraged. • Literacy: I'm not talking just length, but proper grammar and punctuation, too. I'm not sure if I'm going to setup a literacy check as a gateway yet, but expect talented writing if things go right.
  4. So I've been floating around here for awhile, and I've become a tad bit lost. I know people advertise their little roleplays here and there- and, in fact, I've joined one before on this platform- but I'm not entirely certain where that section is anymore. I lost track of it and, in lieu of looking like a complete dunce, I'm asking here instead: where do I advertise my own roleplays? I've got this big new world I've cooked up, but I need players, and lots of them. Literate ones, too. If any of you can help a bro out, it would be much appreciated ~
  5. Oh damn, sorry for the late reply! I kept expecting to see a notification but it never came. I guess we have to quote each other or something... Anyway, I was kind of hoping we could just continue how we started things. Everything will naturally fall into place overtime via natural progression. My alicorn may glimpse her reflection in a pond or window, or maybe I'll describe her appearance to one of the ponies looking at her through a scope.
  6. Voices. She could feel them more than hear them, squabbling amongst each other like a swarm of angry bees without a queen. Confusion, fear, uncertainty, and the ever-present lemon tang of some high quality hatred assaulted her senses without mercy, crowding her own thoughts and filling her head with foreign concepts- a lot of which she could have lived perfectly fine without. She didn't bother looking up, despite this. All that would do is needlessly spook them, and she still retained enough knowledge of her surroundings to know that was a bad idea. A very bad idea. A very bad idea that would likely end up with two ponies dead. Well... One of them was a pony. The other sounded kind of like a zebra if her riddle of rambling was of any indication. She recalled reading about them, somewhere. They come from a distant land, untouched by the balefire that designated their once fair land. ... She felt a pang inside. Nostalgic in flavor, but aged like molded bread. She... Missed it? No, that wasn't possible, she hadn't been alive back then. Perhaps she read about it, once. In a book. Perking her ear, she looked up at what sounded to be an order to retreat. Or, well, not so much an order? It was too casual a tone for that, but at once she got the distinct impression of professionalism from him. Ugh... She can't stand it sometimes, the constant influx of thought. It was going to give her a migraine if she didn't find some way to block them out, but that was outside of her power at the moment. She should focus instead on... On finding clues. Answers to where she came from. Answers, she realized, those two equines may have, or lead her too. There was no logic there. No possible reason they may know more about her than she herself did, but at this rate she was literally just wandering aimlessly in the middle of nowhere, wasn't she? She was more likely to get shot by some random stranger than stumble upon the truth. --- That's actually a LOT better than I was expecting. You have a true talent ~
  7. Feeling Nostalgic

    I stood amongst the stars


    They glimmered like diamond dust

    Kind with nary

    A fault to carry

    Endulge in it you must


    I stand amongst the ruins


    Once proud and now alone

    With my thoughts in jumbles and

    Past in crumbles now

    I must walk the row


    I stood amongst the stars


    They shimmer like blood on rust

    Blind with fury

    Kind of scary

    Avoid them at all cost


    For the peak must seem so heavenly

    Pirched upon the clouds

    With song and poetry

    They accrue

    Through trust 

    And oaths aloud

    But wary should the traveller tread

    Who doesn't fit the mold

    What's warm and sunny

    What's welcoming and funny

    Can turn and be so cold

    Never trust something that seems too good, because it is. We try to be accepting and kind to strangers, but the bigger you are, the more distant you become from the layman unless you are particularly humble.

    Not everything is as understanding as it may seem. Approximately 6 months ago something happened which haunts my memories to this day. It wasn't an accident, but it wasn't made with the intent they mistook. They decided that context didn't matter and got rid of me without so much as telling me they did so. I had to come back and ask what happened, and all I got in response was a "one word" response consisting of a picture I drew when I was a child and first discovered the Fandom.

    If you're curious what I'm talking about, PM me. I don't want to dump an unnecessary amount of drama into the lap of you lads, but just know... Be careful amongst the big leagues, specifically on Discord.

    Go with peace, my lovelies ~


  8. Alright. Do you have any sort of roleplay sample, per chance? Just so I know what I'm working with here. also, Rayquaza is best Pokemon. Dragon Pulse is the most OP move ever conceived.
  9. Hmm... Let us prove our talents, then. I will generate a post representative of my talents, and you will respond as would be natural. This way, we can see for ourselves if our styles match. These were the thoughts running through the mind of a lonesome, loathesome blue alicorn. She gazes off into the tainted grey, searching their amorphous morphing shapes for some answer. Some meaning for her existence. But no such answer came. She was truly, utterly alone... How had this happened? How could this happen? Had The Goddess made a mistake? Had she somehow made a mistake? She can... Remember her time in the Unity, but it's like a distant dream, and every second that slips by her grasp takes a portion of it with it. There was something else there, too. Something that at once felt alien yet familiar. Books. She could remember books... Reading books? She can't remember reading anything, ever. She has no need for it in the collective. What had she read, and why? What... Who... Is she? Who will she become? shr hangs her head, sighing into the dust of a desecrated earth. Some answers will never come.
  10. Nice ~ So when you say the duetragonists start their adventure with childhood friends, are you implying that they're still kids when they begin, or there's been some gap in time and they're just now meeting back up to show off their plumage? I've been playing Pokemon since Fire Red and Leaf Green, but I stopped around Sun/Moon. I always played on the DS, but it kinda broke...
  11. Well, this certainly piques my interest. Two of my favorite fandoms all in one! Is this thread still open, per chance?
  12. Aww, I was thinking about trying out an amnesiac alicorn with dreams of a brighter future. Still not 100% sure if I want to join in, though. I'm really stingy about proper grammar and punctuation.
  13. Hm. Alright. How long have you had this idea cookin'? Also, is this before or after The Goddess' death?
  14. Huh... I can't believe nobody has jumped on an FoE story yet. I'm completely new to forums, but not to RP in general. How many players do you need to officially start this off?