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  1. Feeling Nostalgic

    I stood amongst the stars


    They glimmered like diamond dust

    Kind with nary

    A fault to carry

    Endulge in it you must


    I stand amongst the ruins


    Once proud and now alone

    With my thoughts in jumbles and

    Past in crumbles now

    I must walk the row


    I stood amongst the stars


    They shimmer like blood on rust

    Blind with fury

    Kind of scary

    Avoid them at all cost


    For the peak must seem so heavenly

    Pirched upon the clouds

    With song and poetry

    They accrue

    Through trust 

    And oaths aloud

    But wary should the traveller tread

    Who doesn't fit the mold

    What's warm and sunny

    What's welcoming and funny

    Can turn and be so cold

    Never trust something that seems too good, because it is. We try to be accepting and kind to strangers, but the bigger you are, the more distant you become from the layman unless you are particularly humble.

    Not everything is as understanding as it may seem. Approximately 6 months ago something happened which haunts my memories to this day. It wasn't an accident, but it wasn't made with the intent they mistook. They decided that context didn't matter and got rid of me without so much as telling me they did so. I had to come back and ask what happened, and all I got in response was a "one word" response consisting of a picture I drew when I was a child and first discovered the Fandom.

    If you're curious what I'm talking about, PM me. I don't want to dump an unnecessary amount of drama into the lap of you lads, but just know... Be careful amongst the big leagues, specifically on Discord.

    Go with peace, my lovelies ~