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  1. raykv423

    *Waves* Why hello!

    Welcome, boss! Hope you'll have fun there, chief.
  2. Dear Princess Celestia,


    @Cagey isn't the truther, @abrony-mouse ran over Oprah and @Missate my enchilada.


    ~ Ray


    /joke :P


    btw, it's a Drake & Josh reference :adorkable:


  3. Shout to people who seen Drake & Josh. :eager:


    1. SUPERFOX5




      Where's the doorhole?

    2. raykv423


      @SUPERFOX5 It's over there. See, I drew it with a magic marker.

  4. Correct me if I am wrong but is it true that Timmy Turner is your cousin?
  5. Jailed for drinking all of my Sprite.
  6. raykv423

    Gallops in

    Hello, I'm NCIS Very Special Agent Ray (yes I do like to call myself that) and welcome to the forums, boss!
  7. Hello @Bawls! I'm Very Special Agent Ray from NCIS (yes, I do like to call myself that heh) and I'm also new to the MLP fandom. So welcome to the MLP Forums and the herd!
  8. Okey-dokey, I think I'm ready to do a RP thread
  9. Is it possible for people to write their own fanfics for their own OC/ponysona? :dash:

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    2. HereComesTom


      I was going to say that people do that all the time!

    3. Samurai Equine

      Samurai Equine

      You ask that as if people DON'T do that... :sealed:

    4. raykv423


      @Samurai Equine Well :awwthanks: I recently started to familiarize myself with fanfics and I wasn't so sure if people do that. Plus, I keep seeing on Fimfiction that people keep putting "OC" tags on their stories and naturally, I had to ask that question :lie:. Come on, I was curious and wondering.

  10. Granite. you ever play video games? Pencil Pouch, you ever draw on paper or digitally (like on a computer, or a tablet)?
  11. raykv423

    Technical Issues Constant forum issues, whats the cause?

    Is this the first time the MLP Forums got a DDoS attack?
  12. raykv423

    Technical Issues Constant forum issues, whats the cause?

    It seems to be crashing again a few hours ago but it works okay now....I guess.
  13. Ok, I have a serious legit confession:

    I'm a food addict like Shaggy and Scooby-Doo. :yeahno: 


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    2. raykv423


      @Platinum Night Well, thank you, boss :yay:

    3. Platinum Night

      Platinum Night


      you’re welcome my friend. :)

    4. ExplosionMare


      Food is good so I don’t blame you :nom:

  14. Meanwhile...

    Me: COME ON! WORK, YOU STUPID COMPUTER! :Cozy: :glimmer::yeahno:*hits laptop repeatedly* DON'T MAKE ME DO THE HARD WAY! :glimmer:




  15. Hey, Heat and Twi, have you seen crime shows?
  16. Hi, Donald, Special Agent Ray here and I would like to ask you something: You ever played a guitar?
  17. walks in nonchalantly Oh, hi, Miss Rarity, Special Agent Ray from NCIS here (and yes, I do like to call myself that heh heh ) and you might remember me from one of your previous ask threads with your friends. I do have a question for you: How do you feel about suits without ties?
  18. Ok, Imma have to go OOC for this. If anyone still wants to ask Ray Strike (my OC) anything, this thread is still open but as of now, it seems barely getting traction.
  19. Special Agent Ray here, and I do have some questions for you: Pencil Pouch, how do you feel about fanarts if I may ask?
  20. raykv423

    Mega Thread How are you feeling?

    Dang, I'm sorry, boss. :-(
  21. Hi, I'm Special Agent Ray from NCIS and I would like to ask you some questions: If you're not working as a teacher, what would you do in your free time?
  22. Hold up. There are actual computers in the 1920s? Then how come The Great Gatsby doesn't mention them?
  23. raykv423

    Newbie Intro

    No problemo at all, probie. :-) Also I have a conspiracy theory: TIMMY TURNER AND TWILIGHT SPARKLE ARE COUSINS!
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