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  1. hello!! i still need to get their info written down properly, but i would love to possibly start some one on one rps with my two gals, artsy blitz and berrybloom. i dunno if i need to submit their character sheets first or what but i can and will gladly provide info for them both until i get the big bio's outta the way! here's the two pones in question though! this is artsy blitz! she's tired, very grumpy, and is a well renowned painter who does most of her work anonymously so she can keep her face a secret. she's a tough nut to crack, but she's probably friendly underneath it all! probably
  2. not done with it yet by any means, but dorohedoro! it's pretty niche, but it's super neat to me. also binged all of beastars in one sitting. i don't watch shows too often, really!
  3. MotherKaiju

    howdy, everyone!!

    @You thank you!! this place certainly beats the other smaller groups i was in in the past by miles!!! @Kadae hello!! i used to play dnd back home, but now i'm in the middle of nowhere so it's harder pff. i definitely plan on starting some rps here!! thank you!
  4. time to write a proper bio for artsy blitz.....weehoo.

  5. i need to flesh out my old oc, so ask her anything and i'll probably do a little doodle for a response!! just remember i can't answer super quick cuz i'm drawing responses!
  6. MotherKaiju

    howdy, everyone!!

    @TomDaBombMLP thank you so much! i already feel super duper welcome!!
  7. hello, everypony!! i'm workin' on makin' my main gals ref. blegh. doodle time. :lie:

  8. MotherKaiju

    howdy, everyone!!

    @WWolf i do!!! i love big ol beasties of all kinds!! thank you! @Cagey thank you thank you!! @Midnight Danny nice to meet you too!! i really hope so! i could definitely use some more rad friends always. @MidnightFire1222 i hope so too! thank you! @Jesse Terrence i definitely plan on it! i have a bunch of doodles i'd love to show!! @Rikifive hello!! thank you!! golly, didn't expect so many warm welomes!! feels nice here already here!!
  9. hello hello!! call me kaiju! i've been into mlp for a long time but never really joined any communities for it, for some reason. i recently fell back into it suuuper hard and i'm rewatching the show currently and making new ocs/revamping my super old first one! hope i can make some pals here, and hopefully i can find people to rp with here too! i am super duper shy about talking bout' mlp to anyone outside the fandom, so here's to hoping i can get all i want here!!
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