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  1. It was meant to be a lighthearted, slice-of-life episode. I like that episode because I can easily relate to Fluttershy not understanding what she was getting into and wasting time and resources trying to solve that problem.
  2. One thing I really don't like is how this expression made by Fluttershy from the episode A Bird in the Hoof was turned into a dumb meme by people with too much free time: Why of all things would you turn a profound, emotional moment into a meme? For me, it just feels bad and tarnishes a moment from my childhood I remember. I'm not saying memes in general are bad (I like quite a few myself), but this scene is just too beautiful to vitiate. Have any other emotional moments been ruined by being turned into memes?
  3. There were a few strange facial expressions in the earlier seasons... ...Why does it look like Rainbow's face is starting to melt?
  4. I understand why you may think Fluttershy has odd-looking eyes. I also understand why you think Fluttershy can be quite vexing to some. Those whimpers and squeaks she makes are more YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary). I personally like Fluttershy's eyes due to their color and those moth antennae-like eyelashes.
  5. When it comes to MLP characters, what I especially like about Celestia and Luna is how amorphous and fluid their manes and tails are. I really like how they flow, with that starry luster making them even prettier. This may seem strange, but amorphous shapes can be made beautiful by adding lovely colors and interesting attributes to them. I like their manes and tails because they're amorphous in a beautiful, graceful, feminine way. I've created amorphous creatures for stories of my own, and how Celestia and Luna's manes and tails are, you can add beauty to shapeless masses. I
  6. I am asking what other people think of Fluttershy as a character. For me, she is my favorite pony, and possibly my favorite fictional female character. When I watched Season 1 of MLP: FIM, I always found her episodes the best of the Mane Six. I can relate to her because she may seem to be shy, but deep down, she is capable of so much more. A Bird in the Hoof is my favorite episode of that show, especially because I can relate to Fluttershy's frustration and eventual despair upon seeing Philomena "die". That episode gives me so many good memories, especially because I've had many in
  7. Not only the face Fluttershy makes in that scene is effective, but also the whimper (though it's been used before and afterwards) she makes as well as her body shaking. Here is a video that shows that...
  8. I remember quite a few of the faces made by the ponies in Season One and in whatever episodes I saw in Season Two. That sad face Fluttershy makes when she's on the verge of bawling over the "death" of Philomena in A Bird in the Hoof is something I have fond memories of. I have fond memories of that episode, especially because that was the first time in the show Fluttershy had become THAT upset. It uses cartoon physics by pulling the corner of her mouth until it protrudes from her face. What do you think of that moment?
  9. In MLP, which pony is cutest when sad? For me, Fluttershy (especially in "A Bird in the Hoof") and Pinkie Pie (particularly in the episodes "Party of One", when she gets upset; and in "Baby Cakes", when she is on the verge of bawling from stress) had some moments where they looked cute while sad/about to bawl. It makes me sympathize with those characters when they're in those situations. What ponies do you think are cute when sad/upset?
  10. I see you used a Fluttershy emoji/emoticon. She is my favorite character from that show.
  11. I understand. It's just that I don't feel comfortable watching that show at home because I don't want to be viewed as effeminate.
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