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  1. Well, despite what you think, I at least tried to make him have more importance in the movie. But Whatever if you don't like him.
  2. I recently rewatched the first Equestria Girls movie, and I'll say that despite some problems I had with the movie, it wasn't that bad. One of my main issues with the movie is how Flash Sentry just had no other purpose to the story other than being A designated love interest for Twilight. I did like the part where he helped Twilight when he was framed by Sunset Shimmer, but that was pretty much it and it was kind of disappointing. Not to mention, when the other Equestria Girls movies and shorts were released, I feel like the writers just threw flash sentry on the back burner completely. S
  3. Those suggestions don't sound bad. Do you like the way I rewrote Season 8 at least?
  4. I see that, and I replaced it with A Friendship Camp instead. Is that cool?
  5. When I was looking back at My Little Pony's 8th Season, I thought that it was A decent season that had an interesting concept, but it does make its flaws that makes the execution A bit disappointing. The main problem I had with Season 8 of MLP was how the episodes of S8 started to go up and then went down. The first half was pretty good and I was excited to see where the show would go next with its new concept, but when I was watching the next half of Season 8, It wasn't that good to me, and Season 8 didn't really improve towards the end either in my opinion. I don't think of myself as b
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