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  1. Happy new year everybody ... /everypony! :pinkie::derp:

    1. TomDaBombMLP


      Happy New Year! :blue_baloon:

    2. Pandora


      Same to you!

  2. Oh boy I have decently long list ... ( I use ALOT of my freetime to play videogames ): Survival Games: WarZ/ Infestation: Survivor Stories: ( I can only make a guess here ) I'd say around 3000ish hours XERA: Survival: 376 hours Rust: 404 hours Miscreated: 158 hours Shattered Skies: 231 hours 7 days to die: 196 hours Also played alot of other survival games for <100 hours, like:H1Z1, Nether, Will to Live Online, Hurtworld, Aftermath and Escape from tarkov ( maybe even more *shrug* )(never played DayZ and don't plan to either) FPS Shooters: CS:GO: 1410 hours
  3. Melody Cloud


    @StarrySkyDash It's nice to meet YOU @yungsparkle7 JA, BRATWURST, KARTOFFEL, SAUERKRAUT ... sorry not sorry ( I really like your avatar btw. ) @cuteycindyhoney Thanks. And yea this show can get way to relatable sometimes but that's part of what makes it great @Midnight Danny Awww thanks for the kind words. Your name does ring a bell I think I've meet you in LoE before your name was "Midnight" and I think you were a stallion with a dark blue coat? either that or my mind is just thinking about BronyDanceParty right now ... for whatever reason. @TomDaBombMLP Thanks I really like th
  4. Melody Cloud


    Hi... I'm not good at introductions ... ... but I'll try. I'm Melody Cloud, I'm from Germany and 24 years old. My favorite ponies (characters) are Starlight , Pinkie and Gallus ( no emote T-T sad life). I'm not really someone for RP but I do enjoy pretty much anything the fandom has to offer be it comic,fanart,music,animation or fanfiction (haven't read many fics so far though). The main reason I decided to join this community now, after over 5 years of being a brony, is mainly because new pony content is harder to come by these days so while just being a quiet observer in the fandom
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