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  1. I have written a few fanfics in my time, but this one i'd have to say is my best one for mlpfim. Read as the Wolf's Rain gang enter a world of "colorful quadrupeds" and seek their way out, all while working as a student for each mane6 member and defeating Darcia and Nightmare Moon! Sorry it's all bunched together, i'll get to work on that! Episode one Elements Of Harmony part 1 WR Universe In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. And soon, that earth began to die. But i'm not here to tell you that story. How about I tell you this one? Get comfortable, and grab a juice box and a tin can. This is gonna take a while. So as i said, in the beginning...6 friendly (well, most of the time) little wolves stood at the bottom of a large, sandy hill, all staring at the top, where a large evil black wolf stood, staring down at them. He was known as the wretched beast, or a lover who is very sad because his GF died, and wants to go to the wolf paradise because he can, and be reunited with his love. He was not at all evil, he was just heartsick. But no one cared about that now. To our white wolfy hero Kiba (tehee, it means FANG) his glare was vicious, as well as the dark furred wolf himself. This wolf was him and the pack's worst enemy, Darcia. He wanted to get to Paradise, but they did as well. This was as far as he knew. Kiba was not exactly the kind of canine that "took" to people. Being the leader of the wolf pack, Kiba thought that Darcia would just bring darkness and hate to Paradise, and that was why he couldn't let him get in, but instead themselves. He was the chosen wolf to open Paradise, after all. At least, that was it said on the soda can top. But instead of glaring back at the wretched beast, like Kiba and Co. normally would, he was wearing a funny (kinda creepy, if you ask me) smirk that made Darcia's "glare" go into one of confusion. The Artful Dodg- uh, i mean wolf...er, lightly chuckled to himself, and glanced behind him. His pack all stood there, waiting for their assigned parts to fall into place, each standing there, anticipated on getting to try out their plan. It would go perfectly, they all knew it. His pack was made up of 4 wolves, 1 wolfdog, and 1 former female barghast who nearly killed all humans and ended the world. She was a pansy now, though. Strange, what magical relics and weeks of therapy can do to a mammal... Kiba winked at his friend Hige, whom was the first of his friends he'd met, as if signaling "Okay. Let's go!" Kiba had met Hige while he was trapped, and Hige helped him out of a lab. And after they got out, they told each other their names, told the story of flowers and maidens, watched the moon together, ate food, and even spent the night as partners. They were friends ever since. Hige smiled back at his leader and "BBBFF (Big Brother Best Friend Forever)", and went to the back of the pack with Blue, and opened a large book that he'd been holding. Blue was Hige's love interest, and the only blue colored wolf hybrid in their pack. She used to hunt wolves, but after meeting the pack and Cheza, she had changed and went with them. The book that Hige had set in front of Blue was a spell book that the wolves were going to use. Earlier, Toboe had found it in an abandoned mine when he went out exploring. He brought it back to the pack, and Kiba thought that it may come to good use. Toboe was the second youngest wolf in the pack, the first being Ellie. He had been found as a young puppy by a woman, who had raised him as a dog. One fateful day, he had been playing with the woman, but didn't realize his own strength, and by accident, killed the woman, All he had left were the silver bangles on his wrist/paw. He used to be very lonely and desperate to find a friend, until he met Tsume, and then the rest of the pack. And with Ellie that dog around, how could he be lonely? How could anyone not smile around such a friendly, cute black dog? She played with Toboe most of the time. Said brown wolf was staring happily at the two spell readers, looking like he was going to explode if he didn't roll around and laugh. A big grin was plastered across his face and he was whimpering in excitement. Ellie came over to him and wagged her tail calmly. Now, her story is a bit scary. It began when a demon had possessed a German shepherd, and one of the dog's pups turned out being a demon herself. A crazy former scientist got his hands on the dog, and possessed the pup to grow it to 7 feet, mature quickly, and have all sorts of demonic powers. It was set to kill all humans and enslave the world, making all the dogs it's slaved by possessing them with the relic given to her. But the real puppy spirit was trapped inside of the demon dog, even after it's host was turned robotic. The rampage lasted years, until the demon was finally exorcised and the robot destroyed by what was left of a group of travelers looking for a better home, the demon dog "Diablo" having killed 3 of them. Ellie, the puppy spirit came up to Toboe exactly, and he did as said on a letter from her spirit form, and she was given a mortal dog body, as everlasting as the wolves. And that was the story of Ellie. "This is going to be soooooo much fun! Do you think Ellie? 'Cause i think that! I can hardly breathe! I've been so happy!"* Toboe told Ellie. The dog, Ellie, nodded. She had just trotted over to him with a message from Tsume. "Tsume says that you should stop doing that and you're freaking him out." Her ears suddenly went flat against her head, and she hung it low. "T-that is if you want to." She told him meekly. Her eyes glowed in the dark. There were no whites, just blood red with a set of black pupils in the middle. Over across from them, Tsume the grey wolf, now in human form (as all except Ellie were) rolled his eyes. It was an exciting moment, but seeing Toboe and Ellie like that kinda scared him. He looked back over at Kiba, who was now in his wolf form, walking over toward Darcia, who was doing the same thing to Kiba. Tsume nodded once and signaled to all of his pack mates, who then went into their wolf forms was well. He took a deep breath. So far so good. It was all in their plan. Step one: Kiba would signal that Hige and Blue go to the back of the pack. That was where Hige would read out the instructions to Blue, and she would work the sorcery. Step Two: Kiba would distract Darcia while the potion was being prepared. Step Three: When the spell was ready, all of them would jump in and be teleported to Paradise in no time! And all with leaving behind a very confused Darcia. Kiba was to play the part of the distraction, Hige and Blue would work their magic, Toboe and Ellie would stand there looking like idiots, and he would do the signal to Kiba when the spell was ready. "Step A..." Hige began, reading the book but having trouble doing so. Heck, he had trouble reading "The Wolf In The Hat", a book that was made to keep Toboe busy. "I...am a w...wo...WOLF...and...ind...eeed...this is a...HAT." While this went on, the brave white wolf circled the black one, still smirking. Darcia stared at him. "What the devil are you doing that for? What are you planning?" He snarled. That just made Kiba smile wider. "You'll see." He told him. This was just weird. Darcia didn't know that Kiba knew now to smile! And why was the chubby one reading to his friend? He didn't even bother trying with the talking dog and the freakish pup. Maybe he was insane after all... Kiba was thinking. Of course he thought about a lot of things, you just couldn't tell what they were. Sometimes he thought about Paradise, other times it was a taco. But you could never tell. It was all part of the mind wipe... Just a few minutes later, there was a poke to Tsume's shoulder from Toboe. He glared down at him until his pup friend excidedly squeaked "It's done!" Ecstatically, he ran back to Blue, Hige, and Ellie. He clung to Ellie, until the others came. Tsume howled over to Kiba, who thought of that as the signal. Kiba made a turn and ran over to them, away from Darcia, who sat there wondering why he was called over, until he saw what was happening. Not wanting to give up, he ran after his opponent and bared his fangs. He was not getting away! Kiba was just about to reach the huddled pack, (slow happy music is playing in the background^.^) until something knocked him forward. Darcia had jumped on him, causing both wolves to lurch forward, and slam into Blue the technician, who was knocked over, and the accident caused the bright light around them to swallow all of them up. Not a wolf was left, and they didn't know where they'd end up. Hopefully it was good. Like Paradise. MLP- FIM universe "One upon a time, in the magical land of Equestria, there were two regal sisters who ruled together, and created harmony for all the land. "I tell you know, the words of Red Moon: from the great spirit was born the wolf, and man became it's messenger. To do this, the eldest used her unicorn powers to raise the sun at dawn; the younger brought out the moon to begin the night. Thus, the two sisters maintained balance for the kingdom and their subjects, all the different types of ponies. The beast lives his life in silence, abiding where the blessing of the blood of the gods is bestowed upon him. But as time went on, the younger sister became resentful. The ponies relished and played in the day her elder sister brought forth, but shunned and slept through her beautiful night. The White Flower, after winning the favor of the lord of the night, will share her scent, preordained and eternal in countenance is of a lily white supple maiden. One fateful day, the younger unicorn refused to lower the moon to make way for the dawn. The elder sister tried to reason with her, but the bitterness in the young one's heart had transformed her into a wicked mare of darkness: Night Mare Moon. She vowed that she would shroud the land in eternal night. Reluctantly, the elder sister harnessed the most powerful magic know to ponydom: The Elements of Harmony. Using the magic of the elements of harmony, she defeated her younger sister, and banished her permanently in the moon. the elder sister took on responsibility for both the sun and the moon." She distills and condenses all of time, until she thinks she is nothing but a regular, in the outside world, the precious being forgetting herself, and taking on a new personality, and even not knowing her destiny. Only a matter of time later, will the wretched beast appear." Twilight stared down at the book, confused at what she was reading. "Elements of Harmony... I know i've heard of that before... but where?" She asked herself. The unicorn got up and levitated the book into her bag and trotted down the hill, and as her trot turned into a gallop, she ran into one of her friends in Canterlot, Moondancer. "Hey, there you are Twilight! There is a cool party at the west wing of Canterlot tonight. Care to join?" Moondancer asked her as Twilight ran past her. "Not right now! I need to get a book on the Elements of Harmony!" She called to her friend, looking back, but tripped once. "Oof! Oww...whatever." She got up again and made her way back to her home. Moondancer scoffed and glared at her retreating friend, but now maybe not even that. "Ugh. She cares more about books, than friends. She needs to get out more and talk with people." Moondancer complained, and went on her way. She was such a loner at times. Maybe she got a new kindle... Twilight Sparkle raced through the garden and up a flight of stairs to a large, majestic library. When she got in she carelessly threw her bag to the floor after taking out the book and called for her assistant. "Spike!? SPIKE?! Spiiiiii-iiiiiiike!" She screamed into the library. A few seconds later, a small green and purple dragon came out from behind the library shelves, letting his friend know he was there. "Quick, find me a copy of Predictions and Prophecies." Spike ran over to the shelves and began to search. Twilight was getting angered now, having not yet found the book. "No, no, no... no, no, no!" She grunted her rage. "Spike!" She called out to her dragon friend. "It's over here!" He called down to her from on top of a ladder. Twilight dropped all of the other books that she was holding in a magic bubble and runs over to a desktop, laying the book out in front of her. "Ah! Elements, Elements, E,E,E... Aha!" She called triumphantly. "Elements of Harmony, see: Mare In the Moon?" Spike looked up at the mare in front of him. "Mare in the Moon? That's just and old Mare's Tale." He told her. She continued to look in her book anyway. "Mare, Mare... Aha! The Mare in the Moon, myth from olden pony times. A powerful alicorn pony who wanted to rule over Equestria, defeated by the Elements of Harmony and imprisoned in the moon. Legend has it that on the longest day of the thousandth year, the stars will aid in her escape!" WAM Buzzing noises erupted from around him as he began to gain his hearing back. Kiba could feel dirt underneath his white, furry pelt. "I must be on a path, or road of some sort." He wondered aloud. Groaning came from beside him, and he felt his ears twitch. He wanted to open his eyes, but it seemed his eyelids were too heavy to open that he didn't even bother. Until he recognized the voice that spoke. "Hige?" He called to him, although it sounded like "hhmhmmguh?" The Mexican wolf knew that somebody had just taken a stab and saying his name, it sounded like it, unless they were trying to say something else, but right then all he could think about was his name, and who said it. Kiba eventually got enough super-strength to open his eyes. Did they make it? He just couldn't wait to see! Paradise! Hige's vision was blurred, and he saw a large brown building-like thing in front of him. He sat up and studied his surroundings. Laying on the ground in heaps that were now awakening, he spotted a masses of white, brown, grey, and black. His sight had faded a little. "Heh. They fell asleep during the trip. What wimps." He thought. He then felt a paw touch his back. Hige's eyes shot open and his fur stood on end, a frightened look on his face. "AAAAAAAHHHH! BOOGYMAN!" He screamed, and shot up the nearest tree, scared to death. He dared to look down, and now with his newfound vision, he saw Blue staring up at him from on the ground. "Oh. So that's where you were. And i wasn't scared, i was...er,... looking to see where we are, 'cause i don't think that there are any buildings in wolf Paradise." Blue began to look around. He was right. It was a small village. She had lived in a village before, but this was not at all like that. There were cute little colorful signs around, and it looked like it was from the imagination of a young girl. Kiba lifted his head. "Are we there?!" He asked hurriedly. He then saw Hige in a tree. "What are you doing?" He asked him. Then he got a look around the town. "Where are we?" He asked Tsume, who was now awake, as well as the others. "I don't know. But what i do know is that this place sickens me. Too girly and all for me." He tells Kiba, who doesn't seem to care much about that part. As they were talking, a happy cry came from near them. "Look! A pretty pony!" Toboe called out to his pack, he was pointing with his paw toward, yes indeed, a smiling pony with a purple pelt and darker purple mane and tail, which seemed to have been curled a little. And it was buying...and APPLE. How evil. All of them except for Hige watched from behind the building at what it did. It seemed like the whole town was inhabited by colorful, talking ponies! "We're not in Paradise! This is not Paradise!" Kiba freaked. "Hey! Look up there!" Hige called from his perch in the tree. Kiba and the rest ran over to him and asked him what he saw. "It's a castle! And it's on the side of the mountain! Very nice pad. I wonder what the tax on THAT this costs. " Hige told them. "That must be where their leader lives. Maybe they can tell us how we got here, and how we get out." He said to them. They all nodded agreement, but Tsume did it a little harshly. He really did not like being in this strange kiddie town. "I think that we got here because of your stupid teleportation idea, Kiba. You're such an idiot. But what else could be expected from you, a retarded idea like that." Kiba stared for a moment. "Hey, Tsume. The teleportation idea was yours." He tells the grey scarred wolf. Tsume opened his mouth to talk, froze, chirped a retort and just slumped with his paws crossed over his chest. "Can you get down, Hige?" Kiba asked his buddy, turning to him. Hige scoffed. "Duh. Of course i can." He told him, but then looked down. Tsume rolled his eyes and walked over to the tree, and gave a hard yank of his tail, pulling him down. Hige landed with a "Thud" and a grunt, and stared up angrily at Tsume, who glared down at him. "Which direction was it?" Kiba asked him. Hige thought for a moment, and pointed in the direction of the castle he saw. "Over there." He told them. Kiba began to walk in that direction, and every wolf followed. FIM Twilight gasped. "Do you know what this MEANS?" Spike stared at her for a moment. "Uh, I could lose my stripes?*." He told her. "Take a note please, to the princess." She told him. Spike got out a parchment and a inked quill, and nodded to Twilight. "Okie Dokie." He told her. Twilight walked over toward the window, and said aloud what she wanted down. "My dearest teacher, my continuing studies of pony magic have led me to discover that we are on the precipice of disaster!" Spike stopped her then. "Hold on! Preci... preci... Twilight stared at him confused. "Threshold." She told him. He was still confused. "Threh...? "Uh, brink? Ugh, that something really bad is about to happen! For you see, the mythical Mare in the /moon is in fact Night Mare Moon, and she's about to return to Equestria and bring with her eternal night! Something must be done to make sure that this terrible prophecy does not come true. I await you quick response. your faithful student, Twilight Sparkle." She told Spike, who had written this all down. "Twilight... Sparkle. Got it!" He told her. She smiled at him. "Great! Send it." She told him quickly. Spike looked at her questioningly. "Now?" He asked her. 'Of course!" Was her response. He seemed at bit nervous then. "I dunno, Twilight, Princess Celestia's a little busy getting ready for the Summer Sun Celebration. And it's like, the day after tomorrow." he said to her. "That's just it, Spike. The day after tomorrow is the thousandth year of the summer sun celebration! It's imperative that the Princess is told right away! Spike looked down at his note again. "Impera... impera...?" "Important!" She yelled to him. "Okay, okay!" He told her quickly. He inhales, and then breaths fire, making the letter dissolve and the particles float out of the window and on it's way to Celestia. How do you like it? I have to get my laptop to charge, so i'll get the next chapter in when i get the chance. Please review! So the wolves can get to meet Celestia and the mane 6! Reply to: Reply to DishonestDante
  2. Hey, Scoots! Have you ever heard of SilverFang Legend Weed? It's a great action/adventure series about a young akita pup named Weed. Weed finds out that his father is Gin, the leader of the Ohu soldiers, and goes to find him. But, it turns out that when Weed and his godfather GB get to Ohu, a monster has invaded and taken over! Now Weed, with the help of GB, fighter dog Jerome, and a bunch of other dogs, must defeat the monster and rescue Gin! Seen it? If you haven't, you should really check it out!
  3. Have you ever heard of the book NightLight? It's that hilarious Twilight parody. I recommend it for those who like or hate Twilight series. It doesn't matter. Belle Goose moves to Switchblade with her father, and things begin to change. Before, Belle had to pay the bills and look after her mother, but now she has to deal with a certain vampire named Edwart Mullen! If you haven't read this book, if you like comedy, you have to read this. Post you review here if you already have!
  4. I have been thinking of this idea for more than a year now. A barghest (Demon Dog) is summoned by a crazy former scientist who wants revenge on those who hurt him and made his life miserable. He is INSANE. He (His name is Miles Arrisson) takes this record breaking black female German Shepherd/ Mastiff pup and possesses it with a demon's spirit. The dog is now fully matured, and is larger than life. (7 feet?) Meanwhile, a gang of homeless travelers, the mellow leader Carlisle, the dark, somber "beta" Fenris, the two toddler-acting teenagers Reno and Livian, the quit shy Coby Conner (Just referred to as Conner) and the child Daichi. Now they're lives are being ripped apart by the dog. But that's not the point. I can't draw humans, so I need someone who can. If you can, I would really like it if you can post a photo in here. I'll get details on the exact character designs later. Thanks, KTP
  5. Know any horror movies with dogs in them? Even better, wolves? (I don't care about werewolves). Not Old Yeller, either. White Dog, Man's Best Friend, things like that. Anime is fine.
  6. No. If they're anything like me, they'd stray far away from dating as possible, unless it's a person who they like. I personally hate dating and would never want to be married. And don't even get me STARTED on how I really, really, really, etc don't like kids. <_<
  7. I watched part of this movie earlier and I loved the plot but I couldn't get the Title! Here's what I know. A woman's (Lynn?) son dies and her old friend (I think) is blamed for the accident. But Lynn takes it seriously. Lynn kidnapps the woman's daughter and ties her to a bed at Lynn's apartment and drugs her. Then she traps daughter's mother in HER apartment room and sets cameras up around the place. Lynn talks to her via microphone making her voice really deep. She threatens death to her and her daughter if she trys to go near windows or doors. Soon, Lynn tells her to put on some sort of dress. The woman does as told, but is not allowed privacy. She turn off the lights, "Deep Voice" getting mad. Later, the woman escapes and so does her daughter. They get to an underground pool, where Lynn tries to drown both, but is drowned by the girls mother. (Or Lynn takes the girl to pool for intended death by drowning, but is stopped by other woman) Cops and woman's husband show up and everything is happy. Almost. Have you seen this? Can you tell me the title if you have? Thanks! (Yes, I spelled tries wrong. Hard to type on a kindle fire.)
  8. I've just read this great wolf comic called Off-White. It has a plot like solid gold, and great characters, comedy, and seriousness. It's about how the human white spirit is killed, and now the human race is dying out. Now they have to find the white wolf spirit to replace theirs. Meanwhile, a pack of wolves is traveling to get to a place where a wolf called "Hati" told them to go. They are running to protect the white wolf spirit, who is now incarnated as their adoptive son Iki. Iki doesn't know of his origins as a spirit and acts like a wolf pup, constantly getting yelled at by his stepmother Jera. Have you read that before? What do you think of Off-White? If you haven't read it, here's the link! http://off-white.eu/
  9. This is really great! It fits for a later part of the Fanfic i'm currently working on, Slave R.O.M.A. Other than that, it's a nice work of poetry.
  10. Invasion. Cool and Creepy at the same time. Add those together and you get...... a horror/action/humor movie! Like nearly everything on this thread... -_- Eh. Let thy watch what thy watch.
  11. God, I haven't been on here in a while. I should get back on more.

  12. School seemes to be extended now. It's so darn easy it's boring. Like they're not even trying.

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  13. This is got from a post I made. What if the Elements of Harmony instead of turning NMM back into Luna, they made her into a powerful monster instead? No pony magic can take her down, and Equestria is in deep trouble. Until Celestia gets a plan. She calls her most trusted followers, the Mane6 to her meeting hall in Canterlot. She tells them that the only way to take down her evil corrupted sister was to gather strong and powerful pony soldiers from all over Equestria, and bring them back in three months, the night of the full moon, prepared for battle. It's a splice of GNG, GDW, and MLP. This is just a rough explination of the plot, but i am sure you get the point. Here's how NMM will look most of the time during this. She's much taller now, and he teeth are long and sharp, more menacing than before. Her mane is like a lion's, but a deep black. Her coat (pelt, fur?) is now choppy and jagged, sometimes fluttering a bit if there's winds. Her eyes are nearly the same, except the slits are smaller, as in skinnier. Voice is deeper and maybe there's a roar or two when really mad. Near all OC's will be seen in the future, be sure to get detail in as well. The Title will not be kept, just this for now. Get it? So who's with me in this Crossover RP? You are welcomed in if brohoofed.
  14. It could have turned out like this. The power of Elements of Harmony made NightmareMoon even stronger nad more powerful and corrupted, and turned her into a monster, one that no ony magic could beat. Example, she's much taller now, and he teeth are long and sharp, more menecing than before. Her mane is like a lion's, but a deep black. Her coat (pelt, fur?) is now choppy and jagged, sometimes fluttering a bit if there's winds. Her eyes are nearly the same, except the slits are smaller, as in skinnier. Voice is deeper and maybe there's a roar or two when really mad. Dang, this is does NOT sound like pony. Sound's like Kaibutsu, from GDW. Cool though. And then twilight and the rest would have to get a whole army of strong ponies from all across Equestria under Celestia's command... That actually sounds kinda cool. NMM the Monster of EQ. Maybe i'll get this in as an RP.
  15. I'm sure that a lot of people here have played that hot wolf game called WolfQuest. If you have, i'm sure that you have your own story to tell about life as a wolf. What was it like? What was your wolf's life like, and how did you react at some parts? Here's mine as an example. I was a black and brown wolf named Eriu. He was a dispersal wolf (duh) from his pack, and left to find a mate. First, he ran into the forest, and on a stroke of luck, ran into a herd of elk. The elk hunt was not sucessful, but her went on his journey. Now you know all that wolfy stuff they do, and he nearly died after a confronation with a bear. Soon he found a mate named Eliyah. Me and her ran around for a bit, and then we went to Slough Creek. Now you know all the rest. We soon got up onto a den that had a great view of the elk hunting spot, and seemed a perfect place to raise pups. Soon, like all wolves, we had four pups. I decided that I'd make a personality for all of them. I had gone way to far on my sojourn to skip that. They were named Blizzard (albino pup), Hutch, Cobra, and Eriyah; a mix of both our names. Soon tragedy struck, and Blizzard was eaten by a wolfpup- eating bear, and Hutch disspeared without a trace. We soon had to leave, and we took Corba and Eriyah with us. It rained constantly, which stressed me out, as well as the constant preditor alerts. Soon we decided that we would follow slough creek until we got to a good crossing. We got all the way to the end of the creek, and I was getting frustrated by then, and we turned around to go the other way. Leter, an eagle attacked Eriyah (who was a coward) and was an inch away from her when I bit it and it left. Then I found out that soon as we get to the lone tree, we could rest. When we got there, there were so many coyote that we had to leave. Finally, the long waited moment came, and we came to the sandbar crossing. Just then, I was probably so stressed I felt like i was really Eriu and silently promised the pups that they would see the great land of which they will grow up in. And then it happened. I cought both Cobra and Eriyah in the water. I only had time to save Eriyah, but not Cobra. We crossed, me agian silently narrating my wolf. (He was sobbing in the mourning of his last son) We got there, and everything seemed to float away. If you took the time to read this very long post, thank you for giving the time to do so. If you have any WQ memorable moments to tell, please do.