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  1. So this Project MLP:FIA still need people! The Team still only has me and another user. 2 people does not make a team! Those we need are still listed in the first post. The Active List of skills we need atm is : Editors, songs creators, Animators, Voice Actors, Basically all those who can spend possibly YEARS on this project! Mainly Animators who are fine with keeping in the project for years (The project will take lots of time to do, especially at it's start)
  2. And I just fully read what you said. Thanks for moving it for me @The Wife of Hawks, I really appreciate it! Sorry you had too, I'm still a bit new here.
  3. So I had this idea, but it would be a project I need a lot of people for it to work I call it "My Little Pony: Friendship is Abridged" Where we would expand upon the show in anyway we want to! Add our OC's, RP our OC's for an episode. Overall it's a new take on MLP:FIM for us bronies! It could be a 'spark' to reignite our Brony Spirits! I am thinking we could be very similar to what FIM had, but have our "spin" on it, our version of Equestria! This project "MLP:FIA" will have 2 parts. Part 1 Our Story -Where we will have our own story at first where our OC's are "mane characters" who kn
  4. I would love that! Can you send me a PM with a picture/description(although picture is preferable), and essentially a Character Sheet of (Who the OC is basically, so we know how we can you your OC's)
  5. I hope not! But either way I plan to have a project, that still needs people. This project is called "My Little Pony:Friendship is Abridged" which will be a Animated remake of FIM but with our hooves open for the community! The plan is to have any that can, send help in any way they can. Main idea of the project is to take the "Friendship is Magic"[Focus on Friendship, and Harmony], and make a world more "real"[Focus is on more real topics, ones that are difficult to talk about; ie: Mental Health, etc...]. We do need Animators, Voice Actors, and OC's! Mainly Animators who are fine
  6. Hello! Thanks for the welcome @TomDaBombMLP (I have been in the brony community before this, just wanted to join the site for friends)! I am in fact looking for friends, wanna be one? I have so far thanks!
  7. Life makes everything complicated, we either deal with it. or make it deal with us! We can only hope so, until we can do so!
  8. As long as it isn't completely gone, it can always be added to! Don't give up hope! I mean I try to write, and wouldn't be as far as I am if I did give up!
  9. I very much hope this still isn't dead, really want to play it!
  10. Thank you for the welcome! I would love that, thank you very much Thanks for the welcome! I love it already!
  11. Hey, @Midnight Danny thanks for the welcome! It's nice to meet you too! I definitely will (if you want to be friends I wouldn't say no) Thanks! I've only been on this site for a day so far, thank you all for being so friendly
  12. You can call me Light if you want to, I like Fimfiction stories, I even try to write some too! (So you can say I am a Twilight as well! ) The memes are wonderful of course. sure PM me (I am still new so I might have trouble responding)
  13. Hy Kadae! Thanks for the welcome! I'm Caotic (or if you want ponysona: High Light). I hope to talk! (would you like to be a friend?) And I wish you the same, but in better words "hope your life is the best it can be"!
  14. Well this seems so friendly! I was doing a few things (writing a story, drawing, talking with hopefully a new friend) and when I come to check up here I have so many comments! Well I like being friendly so I will respond to you all Hi! Thanks for the warm Welcome! I should hope so, I came here as I said to make friends! Hello! Thanks for another warm welcome! And while yes I do like Twilight the most out of the mane 6, Princess Luna is Best Pony, hands down! Hooves up! Well hello, to you too! I'm actually not new to the Herd, been here for a while but been
  15. Caotic

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