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  1. Atlunaz

    General Media Opinions on VR

    when I first got into vr i didnt really like it because my eyes started tearing (is that a word lol) but after a while it got better.The other problem i had was when i got my quest there werent a lot of games so i just played beatsaber.When other interesting games released there wasnt enough space to play them properly (I punched against my wall multiple times while playing superhot vr ) so i just sticked to playing beatsaber.All in all i really like VR and would definetely play it a lot more if there wasnt a wall right behind me .
  2. Dear Applejack, i just wanted to tell you that you are my favourite character from the show.Your honesty is kinda underappreciated and you should keep telling the truth no matter what other ponies (or creatures) say. - Atlunaz (hope thats enough i suck at writing letters)
  3. Your avatar is the best.

    1. Atlunaz
    2. Splashee


      When you gotta sneeze :ButtercupLaugh:

  4. just told my best friend that i am into mlp and he didnt say anything bad about it im so happy lmao

    1. Rikifive


      good for him, otherwise he'd suffer the wrath of the rainbow Z97yrAB.png

      I mean, nice! :BrightMacContent:

  5. I dont like it as much as fim but i can definetely watch it. Pony life feels a lot more like a kids show than fim (tbf its Made for kids lol) and there is some pretty random stuff in the show which isnt quite my thing.Overall its still pretty good.
  6. just like in the title.whats the worst video game you ever played and why. ill start with fnaf 3. i love the game franchise but this title was a total disappointment because its way too easy, can be beaten without doing anything and isnt even a little bit scary.
  7. Atlunaz

    Gaming Favorite shiny Pokémon

    Ponyta. I dont even like it that much but the shiny form looks so cool with the blue flameshttps://images.app.goo.gl/WGfSpiuRGbeJhcw4A
  8. Atlunaz

    Hi yall

    Hi everyone! Iam Atlunaz and finished watching mlp a while ago but i wanted to get more into the fandom because I wanted to meet new people and everyone seems so nice here.
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