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  1. Around 2007 or so people made fun of the idea of $20 wheat. Around 2012, wheat went for $26.

    Today they're making fun of $18 corn, $30 soybeans, and $42 wheat, but they're putting a date on it: 2023. They say possible but not likely, just like they did around 2007.

    Something to think about I guess...current wheat prices are $6, corn $5 and beans a bit below $10. The midwest is in a drought currently.

    So here's to hoping that G5 is an escape from that...as that's basically guaranteed that 2023 will either be a terribly dry or terribly wet year...isn't farming fun?

    1. ShadOBabe


      That was fascinating to read, yet I have not clue what you’re talking about. Start me from the beginning... So like $20 wheat... are we talking in pounds?

  2. 40% is still a decent chunk...also if I remember correctly if they valued that 40 at what they sold the 10, they lost money on it.
  3. @Twilight Sparkle  This didn't really seem to fit on the last post I made so here is as good as spot as any I figured to mention this:

    On the crawler/tracker, one of the other forums I am on has to routinely ban their addresses due to crawlers getting stuck in their search function, which leads to a dodos style problem(30 years and 100k users making 2k posts a day is a lot to search through)...and that's an agricultural form that nothing really big ever happens aside from "what moron engineers designed this and how am I susposed to fix it?"

  4. @Twilight Sparkle ✨ do you think there's any chance of the service answering you if you straight out asked them or have you? I mean it might mean something when they get an email saying something like "Hello, I started this forum, why are you spying on/ddosing us and who's paying you to do it?" (I suppose if you wanted to see if Hasbro directly was looking at us you would just have to figure out their place's IP addresses and check logs and such) The sonic style leak is kinda part of where my original thought came from, since hasn't this movie pushed back two or three times? I swore I r
  5. Any thoughts on the mane 6 doing something like the "pillars"(I think that's what they were called) did? Sacrificing themselves into some paused dimension or something to save their world? Granted it would be a recycled line but...its a thought.
  6. @Twilight Sparkle ✨ you can probably come up with a better name for the title. Anyway as suggested: I kinda wonder if Hasbro is sitting here monitoring this site and Fimfiction now going "come on, come on, we need a story for our movie and series and we've got every thing else ready, but we're running out of time, come on, come up with something good" I also wonder why they haven't licensed/used/stole fanfiction yet too. Seems like a decent idea. Then again I'm not a businessman. But the thought of strategically leaking just enough of G5 to the community to get it going, to use what t
  7. I kinda wonder if Hasbro is sitting here monitoring this site and Fimfiction now going "come on, come on, we need a story for our movie and series and we've got every thing else ready, but we're running out of time, come on, come up with something good"

    I also wonder why they haven't licensed/used/stole fanfiction yet too. Seems like a decent idea. Then again I'm not a businessman. 

    But the thought of strategically leaking just enough of G5 to the community to get it going, to use what the community comes up with...is amusing for some reason. 

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    2. TheGleaner


      @Twilight Sparkle hopefully the right one there, put it in the G5 forums?

    3. Twilight Sparkle ✨

      Twilight Sparkle ✨

      @TheGleaner The G5 forum would be great for this!

    4. TheGleaner


      @Twilight Sparkle well it's now there...if you can think of a better title go ahead and change it, I suck at creative writing...so it's a poor title.

  8. As much as possible on paper, in print. Only reading I do online/electrically is what I can't do offline. If paper and ink weren't so expensive, I'd probably find a way to use forums and such via fax or something. I'd bet I have pushing a thousand books...mostly the school's fault though, they cleaned out all their "inappropriate for modern times books" and guess who knew the janitor to save them from the dumpster? Me! (They threw away alot of western's...and how to books, so if I ever want to read The Shootest while building my own house while welding a "seamless" roof, now I can)
  9. I will never understand business no matter how much I end up in one. Spend all that money on something, it does "ok" and then idle it for...? Just forget about it, not improve it or work with it, just kinda leave it to fade. Granted the idea was somewhat poor in the first place, it apparently does fine for what it is now and for what it costs through Dish. I figured they would be on discovery +.
  10. I had somewhat figured that since there isn't "purple unicorn race/breed" that the normal/pegasus/unicorn/etc would be considered a breed. The problem with what you said is there is a definition for it, but no one uses it as intended...which is kinda why I brought up the breed part. In a way it sounds better for a kids show, then again I'm thinking out loud here at 4am. Edit at 430, I see "species " is slowly replacing race...so they are separate species now.
  11. Log onto mlpfs at 340am just to do some quick reading.

    10 notifications and most are quotes...crap...what did I say?

    1. Twilight Sparkle ✨

      Twilight Sparkle ✨

      Many insightful and/or wonderful things worth responding to is what! Congrats on the attention - I hope you're having a good time on MLPF so far. :)

    2. TheGleaner


      @Twilight Sparkle

      Well here I am again...345 AM...I guess what I meant was I thought I'd just do some quick reading before I went to sleep, find something humorous  or something, and then...well...I feel somewhat obligated to at least read the responses and then most of those responses were good enough to warrant another reply, and then the part 2 thread came out and that I figured might as well read...and then I looked at the time and it was 430. Usually I get maybe 3 or 4 notifications here at most, and well I have another 14 I see...you know kinda a sudden jump from nothing to alot.

      Usually on other forms if I'm quoted alot I've managed to start a small war on a thread either for or against me on some obscure, sarcastic comment it seems...so I'm at times somewhat hesitant to see what its about. 

      All of that plus I'm not one that usually looks for attention, the opposite really.

      But this isn't like other forums(thankfully)and I have had a good time here so far. I hope that G5 is as good and successful as G4 so I can somewhat experience what it was like.

      Oh and thanks for coming up with a more creative title.

  12. Either the Netflix part is new or I missed it in the other one...looks like I will have to be patient for it. I suspose I should read about Hasbro's meeting but they still own 40 some percent of Discovery family...they would eventually have to run something else on it I would think.
  13. Well...I honestly do not know what to think. I've never been a fan of CGI 3d especially this "half ways/almost there" style of high details yet looking" off" thing. Like a touch more in some way would be better. The body half ways, to me, looks like it started off as a dog model, perhaps German Shepherd with how it slopes. Then again I sit and look at these animals all day, so it's hard to look at a model and not critique it. I do the same for farm equipment and models. Kinda a disney feel to the...almost like toy story/frozen...or perhaps a trolls movie look? Its familiar yet off. T
  14. Well I can see it going very well like G4 or very poorly...I don't really see a middle of "it was recieved lukewarmly"...just when you use those terms as a selling point...then again it is Hasbro and they are kinda an odd duck type of company. And for this part of the comment, maybe I'm looking at it too...scientifically? Animal agriculturally view? But wouldn't it be "breeds" not "race", since there isn't really "races" in the animal world? Not really related but that thought was set off by someone asking me today "what race of cows are they"...so...I don't know, just kinda thinking out
  15. I take issue with how those words are applied, not with the people.
  16. "Don't worry, in 23 days your 8 minute video will be done"
  17. "Adobe, why?!? Why can't you just-I mean its- 13 hours?!?! For that?! You ain't even trying the fans shut off!...40 minutes? I'm not waiting 40 minutes to ask a question, screw it you deal with it"
  18. Make it a law that if you ignore a large and noticeable sign you have to go to some version of "how to read/notice things" school, more of an annoyance than anything. Inspired by the surprising amount of people who cant see/read 3 sets of signs the size of pickups that in short say "this is a dead end road and there is a farm yard there. That's it. We have cameras and audio surveillance in use. No trespassing or hunting." And say either one. Otherwise I'd like to enforce quite a few.
  19. A gopro fusion...$200 seemed reasonable. The adobe suite does not though at $50 a month. Aka work for my hobby. Susposedly a bunch of equipment next month too, but we will see.
  20. I half way wonder if it wasn't on purpose...then again that could just be my mind recalling a local guy that drove off the cliff on purpose in a new mustang...the day before he found out he was basically full of basically incurable and painful cancer in every part of the body. Or it could be a vehicle malfunction.
  21. I'll give it a shot but that's all I can guarantee
  22. I'd argue that point if you wish...to me the cheeks are too fat and round to be "horse like" where as G4 they were kinda "streamlined" into the nose, like a snout.
  23. The faces...look too much like not horses, too human head like to me? Also why all dead ahead views, no side views?
  24. The thing I still come back to is Hasbro is a toy company. The main part of concern kinda kills half the US and Canadian market...so... Did Hasbro leadership change recently? I mean up until now they have been reasonably neutral throughout this mess, to avoiding the issues of today all together with this franchise.
  25. Last I heard they still own a decent chunk of discovery family... I can see it being on discovery+, iirc discovery family has things on there.
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