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  1. Cinnamon Twirl

    Ask Will Guide

    Hello! I have a question for both of you! Do you both prefer tacos or nachos? Or if you haven't try them yet which would you try?
  2. Cinnamon Twirl

    Hug a user!

    Hugs to @TomDaBombMLP and @Windy Breeze Hugs to the people I know but they doesn't know me @Sparklefan1234 @ExplosionMare @Will Guide @abrony-mouse
  3. Cinnamon Twirl

    Mega Thread Count to a million

    504,871 Can't wait hehe
  4. Something totally random
  5. Cinnamon Twirl

    Mega Thread The Banned Game

    Banned for banning people because of showing love
  6. Cinnamon Twirl


    Welcome to the herd (Wait your not a pony.) Ummm welcome? I hope your having a great time here Happy you're here
  7. A...Duck from my 2nd favorite cartoon O-O *Hugs back uncomfortably*
  8. Dear @Fluttershy Thank you for being very caring and very kind to animals. I hope your kindness will be everywhere you go Love, Cinnamon Dear @Twilight Sparkle Have you finished all of your book? If you had could I borrow some? Lots of love, Cinnamon
  9. Honestly gen 1 and gen 2 MLP are the first MLP I watch and I really enjoy it (I don't know why ).
  10. I don't really like Pony Life it's too ummm something, yeah that's the word. And my sister hate it because it's changing from the fun and entertaining MLP:FIM to something obviously she wouldn't watch.
  11. Cinnamon Twirl

    Ask the Legion of Doom

    Ok legion of doom will you want to be defeated again by the magic of friendship? How would each and every one of you defeat the magic of friendship (If you could)
  12. Cinnamon Twirl

    no critique 30 Minute Minuette

    That look really beautifull, it came out great
  13. Cinnamon Twirl

    A new Pony

    Hello everypony a new pony here, I hope I'm going to be accepted in this place
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