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    Transgender - FTM
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    g1 pony collecting, g1 in general i love both the pilot and show, vintage things (20s-60s), punch out, drawing

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    Pony Visual Artwork

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

  • Best Pony
    Night Light, Minuette
  • Best Anthropomorphic FiM Race
    Crystal Pony
  • Best Princess
    Celestia, Luna
  • Best Mane Character
    Rarity, Twilight, Fluttershy
  • Best CMC
    Sweetie Belle
  • Best Secondary/Recurring Character
    all of them seriously i cant choose
  • Best Episode
    "Amending Fences", "once upon a zeppelin", "hurricane fluttershy"
  • Best Song
    "The Flim Flam Cider Song"
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