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  1. damn the new banner looks so cool

    1. Splashee


      @Rikifive did a good job on it! :pinkie:

  2. https://www.sofurry.com/view/1689215 #izzygang will always be the best gang

    1. Jesse Terrence
    2. Kujamih


      Yeah i can see fans increasing.... Especially her break ng fourth wall potential. And a pinkiish energy and movement on her quick intro. Man the 3d and movements are smooth....

  4. well yes - that was what i was talking about - i dont even like anime and also im sorry i didnt respond but @Jesse Terrencety for the compliment! youve been really nice to my art and i appreciate that
  5. i dont think its animeish at all? besides hasbro itself doesnt have a main style and are open to a lot of different ideas as seen from them using many different artists in their ideas for g5 concept art even if it was animeish - that would be a better idea in terms of marketing since hasbro has a lot of ties in japan
  6. @MidnightFire1222 @Yayeartista @Jesse Terrence@Neoeryn@ExplosionMare thank you all so much for the compliments! you are all extremely kind and thank you guys for taking the time out ur days to check out my art thread! and heres is some recent pony related art i have not yet posted here
  7. ok last art post outside of my art thread i swear on my life but i just wanted to show how i wouldve changed g5's artstyle and i wanna know what you guys think? - visible eyebrows at all times - bigger eyes - more shapey hair like from g1 - bigger ears -hyena like build to add depth (downhill build) - fluffier tails
  8. ok this has made me 10000000000x more excited the 3d model looks absolutely amazing but i do have to ask - are sunny and izzy their canon names? if so thats kinda really confusing a pony is named something human-ish
  9. too lazy to post on my art thread so here you go

  10. 75ponii

    no critique all gen bar

    so........how about those g5 leaks huh
  11. been a bit, sorry about that

  12. i miss the very liminal nostalgic memories i had when i was around 3-6 being dragged everywhere with my mom to very old weird places her friends lived at. living in the south a lot of houses were still kinda vintage-y and had liminal space vibes i miss a lot. and just in general a lot of other things like being able to not have to worry about consequences and in general being happier. I did also enjoy going to my youth group at church even if it was really dumb at times.
  13. unicorns: 80 years earth: 150 years pegasi: 90 years alicorn: immortal by choice, so if they ever get tired or things have gone too long on i wouldnt see it as impossible for them to give their alicorn immorality away this is just headcanons though and nothing that could be backed up as being true besides the more earth pony elders there are in the show rather than that other races it is a little weird though that going through the magical EQG portal Twilight is then a teenager rather than an adult like in the normal pony world
  14. hey im new to the forums and all and just wondering - where do i find info about the current art contest? sorry im uncultured or dumb at all

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    2. Califorum


      No worries!

    3. Kujamih


      ..yeah what happened to that... I recently joined that contest and now i haven't heard anything about that...hmmm

    4. Totally Lyra

      Totally Lyra

      You can find the art contests in the Events section on the home page. It doesn't look like we've had one in a while though. (unless I'm missing something :huh:)

  15. i have successfully broken the tie with a vote for sombra 1) his story in the comics is way more interesting 2) i just think hes neat
  16. 75ponii


    welcome to the forums! hope you have a good time here! if you need any help or have any questions dont be scared to ask!
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