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  1. *Equestria has lost its magic.* Twilight: But seriously. Everyone looks at the synopsis under the prism of the end of the 4th generation, but no one thinks that this is a new generation. New story, new lore. And all that remains of the 4th generation is the place where the events take place - Equestria, and most likely this is other Equestria, and Easter eggs on gen4. Or as a last resort, events take place very, very far in the future where g4 is nothing more than a forgotten tale.
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    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    We are russians. God with us.
  3. the best ukraine boy, my best friend and my brother :twi:

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      Gay Love brother. :wub:

  4. "Well you see, there was this company hasbro bought by 2019." - That is your words. You are now like a schizo, you answer to yourself.
  5. "Well you see, there was this company hasbro bought by 2019." lmao. Hasbro wasn't bought, and probably never will. They too rich. The only who can buy Hasbro I think it's Disney, and become a monopolist in the children's content market, but this sometime in future. In 2019 Hasbro buy сanadian holding Entertainment One, and got at their disposal some cartoon characters as Peppa Pig, PJ Masks, Ricky Zoom and others. So maybe in furture we will see MLP, Transformers and Peppa Pig in one story. About Pony Life. That piece of.... cartoon was made by Hasbro, H-A-S-B-R-O, only for
  6. "As for the news of G5 I am uncertain. G4 is already good, though I wonder how they'll handle G5 considering G4 ended? New characters and universe?" Same universe, same world - Equestria. But another characters with diversity and inclusiveness of course. Policy in child cartoon. Why not? Oh, almost forget about easter eggs on G4. "Wonder if I should do a marathon from the start or from where I left off.." I think you shouldn't. It's not such necessary
  7. Добрый вечер из России. || Good evening from Russia.
  8. DozelRhine


    As I understand that letter box is for saying hello and introducing yourself. Firstly - Hello. All I can say about myself is: Politics, Programming, Video Games, Internet. That is all. Thx for attention.
  9. struck you the most "I can not think of any cultural circumstance that justifies finding same-sex marriage to be immoral/wrong." Sure. However, the existence of a law banning same-sex marriages speaks completely differently. And not the only old generation supports the ban. Of course, most people are more than neutral about this, but they do not like aggressive propaganda of same-sex marriages. Going into details is already discussing politics. "My memory on this is a little foggy, but from what I remember, during the 20th century the political climate and leaders were really ho
  10. Yes, it is. Google is ours (No). Russia is the largest country in the world and can be divided on 2 parts. If I'm not mistaken, Russia is the only country whose territory is located in two parts of the world at once, Asia and Europe.
  11. "climate of it seems pretty neat" 'Best "climate ever. For you it will be really cool, of course, If you like cold weather and gray surroundings.
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