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  1. Based off of what we've seen so far; I wouldn't even be slightly interested in G5 if it weren't for the fact it's in the MLP franchise, I tend to like things in the fantasy genre but the new generation seems very lacklustre in that regard. It would feel wrong to just never check it out though, so if I can watch it I'll give the movie a shot.
  2. *Looks at your signature* Oooh! That's cool! :sunbutt:

    *Looks at profile banner* Oooh! That's cool, too! :sunbutt:

  3. Ignoring the phones I'm starting to like G5's character designs and animation less and less, they probably have a pretty high budget and they didn't even take the opportunity to give them varied face and body shapes. Sure, Pipp's design looks nice but I can't tell what her personality is just by looking at it, compare that to G4's designs where you can kinda tell what their personalities are just by looking at their mane-styles, expressions or colors. Also I would've loved to see a high fantasy or even futuristic Equestria but it seems like they're going in a bland, more modern direction.
  4. Pony Life kinda hurts to watch, every time they mention modern technology (like phones and tablets) I shrivel up like a raisin , plus I don't find it very visually appealing. If somebody likes it though I guess I could see why, the plots of episodes are much simpler and less serious than FiM.
  5. Hopefully not, it'd be fine between secondary/background ponies but having it between main characters would suck
  6. I would be a Unicorn because computers don't exist in Equestria and if I lived there I would probably study magic instead of programming, I also draw and that would be difficult without levitation. I also think being a Unicorn just fits me more than being an Earth Pony or Pegasus, especially since I have no interest in flying or animals.
  7. As other people have mentioned you can't directly see a black hole (its gravitational force prevents light from escaping) but you can see its silhouette and the hot gas surrounding it NASA actually posted an image of a black hole back in 2019: https://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/chandra/news/black-hole-image-makes-history
  8. I definitely prefer pens over pencils when it comes to writing, and as weird as it is I often prefer drawing with them too
  9. I think Pipp is my favorite so far, she has a cool design and seems to be less annoying than the other three, who I like the most might change once the movie comes out though
  10. Kharrnix's Art Gallery This is a thread where I'll be posting all my pony artwork, I appreciate any critique. Applejack Portrait: Quick and messy Pinkie Pie painting:
  11. I like the character designs but their faces look really awkward and strange. It doesn't have nearly as much appeal as the art in G4, that's for sure
  12. I'm in an endless cycle of falling asleep at 5 PM and waking up at 12 AM, help

  13. I've been doing programming related stuff throughout most of the day, I even made a complete pong game in Python. Other than that I haven't done much worth mentioning
  14. This unchanging stillness... Isn't that what I am? Arms wrapped in neon like a warning A rainbow bridge unfurling
  15. I think it's because there aren't that many prominent or interesting pegasus characters in the show; unless I'm forgetting somebody the only ones I can think of are Fluttershy and Rainbowdash. Meanwhile there are plenty of interesting unicorn ponies like Starlight, Trixie, Sunburst, Starswirl, etc. I've also noticed this and it might be another reason why unicorns are becoming more popular, stuff like teleportation or other advanced magic doesn't seem limited to powerful unicorns anymore
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