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  1. It’s one of the oldest comic’s but stil the best. the story the design from everything beside nightmare rarity without armor. I found it cool simply but i uncanon it now just watch princes twilight sparkle. but what do you think about the comic’c of nightmare rarity greeting’s Lordofcrazy And another one
  2. You have all good reasons to think what you think but i also. think about it tirek chryselis and cozy glow where turnt to stone so they cant change or age. and tirek can steal magic they can use the magic to do thing’s like set the sun and moon let it rain etc. ore they can use grogar’s bell but that’s unlikely because Discord has him. Greeting’s lordofcrazy
  3. Look this image I found it a good one
  4. Duuhh a draconequs and no not discord o wait Discord and pinkie pie are the only that care’s
  5. Does someone know why the magic in eqeastria is lost? my theory is that tirek chrysalis and cozy glow are back
  6. I hate betrayers more than everthing!!!! And serious does cozy glow know what she is dowing. realy it Will become nigt forever the weather cant be Controlled by pegasi. and there is one more thing i want to talk about pinkie pie. When all magic returned she get also magic back🤔. and don’t think for one second that that explains her chaos power. when only the magic of artifect there was pinkie become a pizza delivery person
  7. I can say sombra is back and the tree is destroyed know you that sombra means shadow but i want to say this who is it posiple that only frienship is powerfuller than the element of harmony and ther frienship
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    Welcome like you chaos
  9. Lordofcrazy

    resolved How get you a rank higer

    Who can you get a higer rank
  10. Lordofcrazy

    King of chaos

    Best pony: derphy best no background no mane six pony: starligt best episode: the return of harmony best princes: princess mi amore cadenza (cadense (beside Discord) )
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